Who is Kim Churchill?

Kim Churchill, The Indies, TheIndies.Com

Kim Churchill is one of the most badass up & coming indie touring artists on the planet. Kim likes to surf as much as possible and digs playing shows in coastal enclaves where the waves are pumping. I met up with him when he played the Santa Monica Pier in the early summer of 2011. First wrote about Kim on the Music Television blog after seeing a live performance video shot in his homeland of Australia on a near freezing winter night. The song title is Tides.

Kim Churchill - Tides

After hearing his story and meeting him, I came to the conclusion that he personifies the true indie spirit. He's a free thinker and very mobile man of the world. I have a funny feeling he will have a long life filled with travel and many many great songs to pay the way. GC

Connect direct with Kim Churchill at KimChurchill.Com

Kim Churchill, The Indies, TheIndies.Com
Photo of Kim Churchill - Credit: KimChurchill.Com Unknown Photographer