Nneka is playing at Hotel Cafe - November 3

One of the greatest indie minded artists on the planet, Nneka, will play what should be a very intimate show at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, California on Saturday, November 3, 2012. Hope to see everyone there! GC


Click here to get your tickets (ONLY $12.50) before they are all gone :)

TheIndies.Com presents Nneka
Nneka during soundcheck in Hollywood - Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Nneka - Africans

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - Shining Star

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth

The Indies presents Nnneka
Photo of Nneka at Amoeba Records Performance - Shot by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Nneka - Do you love me now (live session @ streets of Paris)

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - Heartbeat (Live)

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

The Indies presents Nnneka

Americans - a Public Service Film by Kid Rock & Sean Penn

Well Done! In this time of friends getting angry with one another over political ideology, this film is good timing. Kudos! GC

Text from the filmakers"
"Americans" is a short, public service film starring Sean Penn and Kid Rock, directed by Jameson Stafford. The goal of the film is to tear down the one-dimensional political stereotypes portrayed by the media by confronting them head on. It reminds us that what really matters is that we're all Americans, with diverse thoughts, opinions and stances on issues. We are millions of unique, individual parts, the sum of which comprise a whole that is the shining beacon of freedom throughout the world.

The film reminds us to be proud of our differences, and to never forget that we're all in this together as Americans.

Connect direct with Kid Rock at KidRock.Com

Annmarie Cullen - My Special Love

Words cannot really express how special this artist is. So, will limit it to one word: Authentic. Peace Love Groove, GC

Connect direct with Annmarie Cullen at AnnmarieCullen.Com or at the website for a fantastic band she fronts with Cynthia Catania at SaucyMonky.Com

Trixie Whitley - I'd Rather Go Blind

The Indies LOVES Trixie Whitley. If you've not ever heard her, please enjoy this really sweet live recording. GC

Trixie Whitley - I'd Rather Go Blind

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley


SHEL - Stained (Live TV Performance)

SHEL is a band of four sisters and the acronym for their names: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.  They are wonderfully organic musicians and vocalists with a special purity that is authentic with skills well honed.  Each of them on their own are creative powerhouses in their own right. GC

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, Instagram.com/iloveshelmusic and Twitter.com/iloveshelmusic