London Grammar

TheIndies.Com presents London Grammar

Below are beautiful songs and music videos by the trio known as London Grammar from their debut album titled If You Wait. Enjoy! - GC

London Grammar - Hey Now

London Grammar - Sights

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years

London Grammar - Strong

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Kiesza - Hideaway (One Take Video Hall of Famer)

TheIndies.Com presents Kiesza and her debut single and music video titled Hideaway

The one take music video, with no cuts, seems like a great indie tool for those on a budget, who don't have the cash for an editor. But, it usually takes much more planning, choreography and complicated hard work than most would think, more than simply shooting a lot of takes and hiring an editor. Just below is a good one for the One Take Hall of Fame by a true indie out of Canada named Kiesza. She is signed to a New York indie label Lokal Legend. This is her debut single that has had a strong impact that has gotten her a lot of attention in a short time.

Kiesza - Hideaway

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One more from Trixie Whitley

Photo of Trixie Whitley by Gregory J. Chamberlain
Just below is one more great track by Trixie Whitley that deserves love and attention. The video was directed by Anton Coene.

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love

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Trixie Whitley

Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies, Trixie Whitley
Photo of Trixie Whitley by Gregory J. Chamberlain
This Trixie Whitley video is a repost that is a must... A great timeless song yet to be widely discovered.  Please share it, for it is one of those songs by one of those artists that deserves to be heard.

Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams

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Trixie Whitley, Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies
Trixie Whitley Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Vintage Trouble

TheIndies.Com presents Vintage Trouble
Vinyl cover for Vintage Trouble release titled The Bomb Shelter Sessions

If you like blues inspired rock, you'll most likely enjoy Vintage Trouble.

Vintage Trouble - Run Like The River

Vintage Trouble - Pelvis Pusher

Vintage Trouble - Nobody Told Me

Vintage Trouble - Blues Hand Me Downs

Vintage Trouble - Live in Venice performing a Cockeresque cover of the Beatles classic With A Little Help From My Friends

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A Happy Birthday to Dawn Mitschele

TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photograph by Justin Bartels
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Justin Bartels
A happy birthday today to Dawn Mitschele, a very tasty singer/songwriter and guitarist. She's a true indie, organic, uncontrived artist without an ounce of hype. She has traveled, busked and performed around the world with love that radiates a certain purity and authenticism that is rare. Enjoy! - GC

Dawn Mitschele - Soldier (Shot & Edited by Mike Hacker in various spots around NYC: Chelsea Market Passage of the High Line, The Grizzly Pear bar on MacDougal Street, and on Minetta Street in Greenwich Village)

Dawn Mitschele - The Queen (On the streets and doorways in the 20th arrondissement of Paris - Directed by John McNulty)
From her 5 song EP, "Love Remains."

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Enjoy more Dawn Mitschele songs & music videos from previous posts on The Indies:


TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena of


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TheIndies.Com recommends the Oscar nominated Palestinian film titled Omar

A very worthwhile indie film to see, titled Omar, deservingly hit the big league after being nominated for an Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film" of 2014.

It's a film that offers a glimpse of the real life that the Palestinian population lives under or endures. I heard that it was the first ever feature film endorsed by the Palestinian Authority. The film was directed by the talented Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, who also was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2006 with his film titled Paradise Now.

Omar is really the deepest of love stories at it's roots, but is full of real danger, non stop suspense, paranoia of not knowing who to trust, mind games and bitter betrayal that perhaps only the oppressed could know best.

The character Omar (Adam Bakri) must scale the Israeli built separation wall, which is monitored by the well armed Israeli Defense Force, if and when he wants to meet up with the love of his life named Nadja who is played by actress Leem Lubany.

The film is really heavy and portrays Omar and his friends as freedom fighters against the Israeli occupation.  It's violent and harsh with action and heart pounding scenes that don't let up through to the last frame. While the film offers no solutions to the ongoing conflicts between a trigger happy Israeli military backed by zealous leaders and the Palestinians who feel slighted and are willing to resist and even seek revenge, it's a must see and a very well done film with many layers of depth. - GC

Adopt Films, the distributor for the picture, is also releasing another heavy film by a different director titled Bethlehem. The film is not related to Omar directly, except that it is being released almost simultaneously and it is a action firm from the Israeli perspective. I will see that one soon and report back.

Actress Leem Lubany, by the way, is captivating in the film.  In the real world, she is seriously one of the most naturally stunning and beautiful actresses out there. She recently took the international film festival and awards circuit by storm, creating quite a positive buzz for her own career as well as for Omar. Hopefully we will see more of her talent. In the film, she speaks Arabic, but she is multi-lingual and speaks English fluently and could easily infiltrate Hollywood's elite actress pool.