Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go (Music Video)

The-Indies music video of Genevieve Artadi song titled Nowhere To Go

The Indies presents Genevieve Artadi and the music video to her song titled Nowhere to Go. Enjoy! 

Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go

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Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go - Music Video Production Credits
Directed by Daniel Sunshine and Genevieve Artadi
Cinematography, Editing, and Special Effects by Daniel Sunshine
Shot in sunny Rochester, NY
Special thanks to Emiliano Lasansky and Ike Polinksy for helping out bigtime on the shoot.

Song writing and production Credits:
Written, Produced, and Performed by Genevieve Artadi
Additional Production by Henry Haliwell
Bass Played by Andy McCauley
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Stegner

Lyrics for Genevieve Artadi's song: Nowhere to Go

get out of my brain you've got to leave me alone, stop this echo
let me have the way it was before you came and cast your shadow
get out of my way you've got me seeing nothing, cycling, falling
shrinking into something i don’t wanna be i’m nowhere with nowhere to go

nowhere to go
nowhere to go
nowhere to go

get out of my head you’ve got to let me let go, let me let be
let me have the way it was before you came and cast your shadow

get out of my way u’ve got me seeing nothing, cycling, falling
shrinking into something i don’t wanna be i’m nowhere with nowhere to go

nowhere to go
nowhere to go
nowhere to go

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Macyn Taylor - Candy Man

Macyn Taylor performing banjo and singing a cover of Taj Mahal's interpretation of Candy Man, originall written by Reverend Gary Davis

The Indies is pleased to present somethig a little bit different.

Just below is a nice one shot home video made approximately six years ago of a young musician named Macyn Taylor on her next door neighbors front porch. We like everything about it down to the back country feel of the porch and her bare feet keeping tempo. She performs the banjo with excellent picking style and sings a cover of the song titled Candy Man the way Taj Mahal released it in 1969. Enjoy!

Macyn Taylor - Candy Man

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Just below is Taj Mahal's interpretation of Candy Man for his 1969 album titled Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home, which was a unique double album in that one of the vinyl's, Giant Step is electric, while the other vinyl record, De Ole Folks at Home, is acoustic.

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The song was originally written and performed by Reverend Gary Davis as "Candyman". Davis, who was born on April 30, 1896 and died on May 5, 1972, was a gospel and blues singer who also played guitar, banjo and the harmonica. His unique picking style has influenced many other guitarists and banjo players.

Reverend Gary Davis - Candyman

Happy 18th Birthday to The Indies

TheIndies.Com Turned 18 years old today. TheIndies was founded on February 9, 2000

On February 9, 2000, "The Indies" was born when it's founder,  Gregory J. Chamberlain registered TheIndies.Com with a mission of advancing substantive independent music, filmmakers, story tellers, artists, thinkers and more. Today #TheIndies has officially reached adulthood :)

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Miraa May - N15 (Produced by Salaam Remi)

The-Indies presents the music video to the song titled N15 by Miraa May

Miraa May is a stellar emerging songwriter and recording artist from Tottenham, England.

The Indies is pleased to present a music video for the title track of song that Miraa May wrote and performed for her second EP titled N15. The song grooves under her unique sticcato/soul rap that blends beaufiully with the soulful R&B voice that comes out of her colorful personality. She's got something in her rap/soul blend that reminds us of a modern day Melaaz, which is a good thing.

The track was produced by Salaam Remi. The music video was directed by WVRSONLY and shot and edited by R+B.

Big Big Love! Enjoy!

Miraa May - N15

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Just Like Fruit - Funfair (Music Video)

The-Indies music video presentation of Just Like Fruit for song title Funfair. Directed by Sheridan Griffiths

The Indies presents Just Like Fruit, a tasty Brighton England based act on the QM Records imprint. Just below is the music video to their debut song titled Funfair, a song that reminds us of early Joe Jackson meets The Plimsouls. Members consist or Kieran Matthews on rhythm guitar, Dion Mason-Poole on vocals, Ryan Melbourne-Hurley on bass guitar, Erwin Lotasz on drums and Taran Pring on lead guitar.

The photo at the top of this post and the music video was directed by Sheridan Griffiths, with special effects by Leah Sophie. The song was mixed and mastered by Gary Poole. Enjoy!

Just Like Fruit - Funfair (Music Video)

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Elise Trouw - Awake (Music Videos)

Elise Trouw music videos for Awake on The-Indies at TheIndies.Com, Photo by The Joelsons

The Indies is proud to present, Elise Trouw, a inspired emerging 18 year old drummer who has a lovely voice, with additional skills as an arranger, one girl band as a looper, multi-instrumentalist and technical/gear geek who proudly to offers up lists of what electronics and gear she used to make her recordings.

Nonchalant or laid back best describes her style. Her music is never rushed and maintains a certain stillness to it, such as in her most recent viral music video of a mashup of a FooFighters song titled Everlong meets Bobby Caldwell's song titled What You Won't Do, (listen/view here at TheQuietStorm.Com). That smooth groove mashup recording she made may just be what landed her debut network television appearance and two song performance on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 30th, 2018.

Outside of the viral cover song mashup referenced above, she is a very good original songwriter who musters up talented people to help her make well done audio recordings, music videos and filmed live performances.

The two videos featured below are different versions of the same song titled Awake. Awake is track #10 on her independent debut album titled Unraveling.

It is a tossup between which version is The-Indies favorite, so a flip of a quarter picked the minimalist piano/voice version first and the studio version of Awake and it's conceptual music video next. Enjoy!

Awake (piano version) - Elise Trouw

Elise Trouw - Awake - (Official Music Video)

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Hear more of Elise Trouw featured on our network at the following links:
Photography Credit
Thank you to Kevin and Rebecca Joelson of The Joelsons for permission to feature the Black & White photo they shot of Elise Trouw at the top of this post. Connect direct with The Joelsons at TheJoelsons.Com,, and Twitter.Com/TheJoelsons
The stylist for the above photo was Julia Reeser - Connect direct at JuliaReeser.Com and
The hair and makup artist for the above photo was Victoria McGrath of VIXAVAGE. Connect direct at, and

Elise Trouw - Awake - Piano Version Music Video Production Credits
Audio and Video Production by Scott Lehman at Blowhole Sound. Connect direct at,,
Filmed in San Diego, California.
Gear: Neumann M147, Yamaha MOX8, Apollo Twin.

Elise Trouw - Awake - Official Music Video Production Credits
Produced by GKC - Connect direct at
Directed by Dewald Brand - Connect direct at, and
DOP : Daniel Walsh
Producer : Chase Musslewhite
Gaffer: Thomas Klopfner
Editor: Jess Viljoen
Colorist: Josh Borrill
Creative Director: Herman Du Toit
1st AC: George Kirkinis and Joshua Rijneke
Production Assistant : Dylan Der Kinderen

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St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy (Music Video)

French band St.Lô, music video Flight & Fantasy, The Indies at TheIndies.Com presentation

The Indies is pleased to present the a very unique independent band from France known as St.Lô. The band conists of singer Miz Walidah and bandmates, docMau, iOta and Ton’s.

St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy

Watch a live concert performance of St.Lô performing In The Pines at the Trans Musicales festival, here:

Connect direct with St.Lô at,,, and

St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy - Music Video Production Credits
Production Company: Duck Factory
Producer: Jerome Bernard
Directors: Jerome Bernard and Clément Mori
Director of Photography: Christophe Guyon
Steadicam: Guillaume Quilichini
Art director: Jean-Philippe Le Guen
First Assistant Camera: Maxime Beauquesne
Gaffer: Amida Belgharbi
Lighting technician: Damien Lejosne
Key grip: Fabrice Pucel
Set Decorators: Brice Martenet & Lucas Morice
Les Oeils Décoration: Boris Abalain, Simon Le Lagadec, Manu Konlein, Julie Mereau, Charly Cann
Motion design: Clément Morin
Location manager: Vincent Drocourt
Extras: Simon Le Lagadec - Marina Wa - Delphine Km, Nathalie Morere, Gu, Ga, Manu Konlein and Marion Goffoz

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