The Indies presents Nao and two live filmed studio recordings

Here is another unique act who has done a tasty cover of a song by Little Dragon, just like Lianne La Havas  did and many other great acts worth noticing...

The artist in the video below is known as Nao and this is her cover of  the Little Dragon song titled Ritual Union. This video was filmed during a live studio performance.

Nao - Ritual Union (a Little Dragon cover)

The next music video below is another filmed live studio performance of Nao and her own original song titled In The Morning.

Nao - In The Morning

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Nao has two other songs featured on our network at the two links below. At the first link is the official music video to Nao's song titled Fool To Love.

The next link is the official music video to Nao's song titled Girlfriend.

Little Dragon - latest videos from Season High album

The Indies presents the latess music videos by Little Dragon and their album, Season High

The first time we covered this act from Gothenburg, Sweden, goes back to 2007, when they were truly indie on a label known as Peacefrog. Since then, numerous emerging and well established acts now cover Little Dragon's songs, such as the stellar version of Twice covered by Lianne La Havas.

Fast forward to today, the group is a major indie force, playing all over the world  (click here for dates) and is currently signed to the newish label that former Warner Bros. Records CEO Tom Whalley started known as Loma Vista Recordings. Loma Vista has a roster of acts that are very independent in spirit.

The Indies is proud to present the latest two music videos by Little Dragon from their latest 2017 album titled Season High.  The first music video below is the album's #2 track titled High.

Little Dragon - High

The next video below is the album's #1 track titled Celebrate. It was Directed by Ossian Melin, the DP was Filip Aladdin and the first assistant director was Klas Hasselrot.

Little Dragon - Celebrate

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RY X - Howling

The Indies presents RY X and three versions of his song titled Howling

Just below are three different audio takes with different music videos of the same song titled Howling by RY X.

In this version, RY X collaborates with Frank Wiedemann

RY X / Frank Wiedemann "Howling" (Official Video)

This version is a remix and music video by Sofi Tukker, who we recently featured here on MusicTelevision.Com's sister site, MusicLoad.Com

RY X - Howling (Sofi Tukker Remix)

Just below, is the official Official Video!

RY X - Howling (Official Video)

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Car Seat Headrest - "Vincent" Official Video

TheIndiesCom presents Car Seat Headrest and their music video for their song titled Vincent

From the Matador Records act known as Car Seat Headrest, this is their music video to their song titled Vincent from their album titled Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest - Vincent

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Dani King - Up All Night

TheIndies.Com presents Dani King and her music video to the song Up All Night

Dani King is a young up & coming independent recording artist whose unique voice has a strong ability to sing in a sultry lower range. Originally from Chicago, she attended music school in Nashville and then headed for Los Angeles.

Her music video below is to an original song she wrote titled Up All Night. She takes 50 seconds to set up the sexy theme of desire before the music comes in.  Turn it up!

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Video Credits
Actors: Dani King and Zach Mcgovern
Director: Tom Gault of Tom Gault Productions
Director of Photography and Second Shooter: Shelby Carol
Hair and Makeup: Lucy Mendoza

Rosa Pullman - Ready for You + Live Takes at The Intersection LA

The Indies presents the music of Rosa Pullman

Rosa Pullman is a stellar songwriter, guitarist  pianist, vocalist and beautiful person who was featured on our network two times before, here and here.

Recently, she released a studio version of a song she wrote titled Ready for You.

Just below is one of our favorite takes of Ready For You that was filmed in August of 2015. She was performing for The Intersection LA,  a magical little house in Los Feliz/Silverlake, California, where resident and transient Los Angeles artists meet and play music at a new crossroads for musicians and their audience.

Rosa Pullman - Ready For You

And, here is another tasty song titled Walk On, also filmed at The Intersection LA. She is accompanied by the talented musicians Shiben Bhattacharya on guitar, Jason Hiller on bass, and Michael Jerome Moore on drums.

Rosa Pullman - Walk On

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Rebecca Lou - No Surrender

TheIndies.Com presents rock vocalist Rebecca Lou and her music video to No Surrender

Rebecca Lou Armstrong of Copenhagen, Denmark, is a great hard rock singer who is simply known as Rebecca Lou. She is one of this network's all time favorite emerging indie artists who is destined for something big in our opinion. She has been at it for quite a while, singing in several different mostly very hard rock/metal bands. In 2013 she was featured here on The Indies when she was the lead singer of a stellar band known as Stella Blackrose.

We have heard her sing in a few different situations/bands/acts and she can take a lame band or song, a bad situation or wrong kind of production and squeeze a great sound out of it the second she starts singing. She treats all music situations we've heard like that old saying... If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That makes her a real pro.

The thing that is inspiring about her is that she is not trying to fit into other people's mold of what they think she should be. She is comfortable in her own skin and exudes an authenticism and confidence that is rare. Years ago, I wrote her a note encouraging her to stay away from pop music, which she had been experimenting with for a pop idol show in Europe. I wrote to her and stated that rock stars have contempt and pop stars don't, and that I thought she should stick to rock. I felt like she was a rock star in the making up to that moment and going down the pop road, she would throw it all away. She wrote back to basically say "I am what I am" and that she was "having fun". Her response left me with much more respect for her than I already had.

Hearing her most recent original solo material gives us hope that she might very well emerge as a very successful real rock icon, hopefully like a modern day Joan Jett meets Ann Wilson of Heart. Rebecca Lou has a lot of passion, always has a strong delivery and as she appropriately titled this song, she has no surrender in mind. Turn it up and give her some love! GC

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The above video was directed and produced by Daniel Buchwald and was created with support from KODA


This post was created on March 23, 2017 by Gregory J. Chamberlain, with ongoing research, subsequent edits and updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for Indies Network.