Clairmont The Second - 2 Rich 4 Me

TheIndies.Com is proud to present Clairmont The Second and the music video to his cool funky jazzy soul track titled 2 Rich 4 Me

The Indies research team uncovered a multi faceted talent out of Toronto, Canada, known as Clairmont The Second.

The music video below is to his cool, jazzy, soulful, R&B song titled 2 Rich 4 Me which is off his album titled Lil Mont from The Ave.

Clairmont The Second produced, directed and acted in the music video and he wrote, sang and performed the instrumentation on this song with the exception of extra horns and co-cinematography by Aysha Brown, who also acted in the video and shot the photo of Clairmont The Second featured at the top of this post.

Clairmont The Second - 2 Rich 4 Me

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Idyl - Music Video covering Aaliyah's "Try Again"

The Indies presents Idyl and her music video to her interpretation of the Aaliyah song titled Try Again

The Indies generally steers clear of featuring cover songs, but this is a worthy exception. A emerging French artist known as Idyl did a tasty acoustic version of "Try Again", a song that was originally released by the recording artist Aaliyah on February 22, 2000, less than two years before she tragically died at age 22, exactly 16 years ago today on August 25, 2001.

The song was written by Static Major (R.I.P.) and Timothy Mosley (known professionally as Timbaland). The song was produced for Aaliyah by Timbaland, who also appeared in the video. Aaliyah's version of "Try Again" reached number one on several radio airplay and sales charts, including #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. There have been numerous artists who have covered the song since that time.

The music video to the interpretation below, by Idyl, was executive produced by Shimera Films, directed by Jali with Julien Cherpion as Cinematographer.

Idyl - Try Again (written by Aaliyah)

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Fans of Aaliyah have never forgotten her and have propelled her to new heights since her death. She is listed by Billboard magazine as the tenth most successful female R&B artist of the past 25 years and 27th most successful R&B artist in history. She will be forever missed, and her music never forgotten.

Aaliyah - Try Again

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Le Butcherettes

The Indies presents the latest live music videos from Le Butcherettes

The Indies is proud to present some of the latest live takes of a serious indie band known as Le Butcherettes. The band was formed in 2007 in Guadalajara, Mexico, by Teri Gender Bender (born Teresa Suaréz) and drummer Auryn Jolene.

The videos below were filmed for the ongoing Ring Road Live Sessions and were excellently directed and edited by Alejandro Herrera. The stellar audio engineer was Marvin Zenarosa. Bravo!

Le Butcherettes - Spider Waves (at the Ring Road Live Sessions)

Le Butcherettes - Sold Less Than Gold (at the Ring Road Live Sessions)

Le Butcherettes - Witchless C Spot (at the Ring Road Live Sessions)

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Hear more from the earlier days of Le Bucherettes when they were featured on our network in September 2011 on MusicLoad and on Music Television.

Dani King

The Indies presents Dani King and her song titled Over

The Indies is proud to present the latest song by Dani King titled Over. Last April, The Indies featured the music video by this strong rising artist to her song titled Up All Night, here.

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The Indies presents Population:7 and music videos from their album titled Fiero

Here is a very tasty band named Population:7 that refers to itself as "100% DIY UK Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul". Below are two videos from their latest album titled Fiero.

The first video is to their song titled Blindspot. The video was filmed & edited by Ollie Ridley.

Population:7 - Blindspot

Next is the first single from the Fiero album, which was produced on a grand budget of £0.

Population:7 - PAX6 & FOXP2

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Private Party - Gloom

The Indies presents Private Party and their music video for their track titled Gloom

Private Party is a rap act that consists of two guys who have known each other since the fourth grade. They figured out, when they were young, that music was everything that mattered. They finally packed their bags for Los Angeles, California, to pursue their desire to make records. Their rap in the track below is about the difficulties of pursuing such dreams, the harshness things like fake friends who talk badly behind one's back and takers who don't want to give back. Those are human traits that are all too common in the world, but the idea is to leave the negative forces behind and stick to the plan.

The video was directed by Shoots Blayr, shot by Chyeahhh and produced by Goldy.

Private Party - Gloom

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The Indies presents Nao and two live filmed studio recordings

Here is another unique act who has done a tasty cover of a song by Little Dragon, just like Lianne La Havas  did and many other great acts worth noticing...

The artist in the video below is known as Nao and this is her cover of  the Little Dragon song titled Ritual Union. This video was filmed during a live studio performance.

Nao - Ritual Union (a Little Dragon cover)

The next music video below is another filmed live studio performance of Nao and her own original song titled In The Morning.

Nao - In The Morning

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Nao has two other songs featured on our network at the two links below. At the first link is the official music video to Nao's song titled Fool To Love.

The next link is the official music video to Nao's song titled Girlfriend.