Rosa Pullman

Rosa Pullman and Mitch Grainger
Here is a song from the a real deal indie girl musician, songwriter and soul sister named Rosa Pullman. The first time I caught her live many years ago at the Enterprise Fish Company, I just knew she had something special. She did have any music up online back then, but now she does. Here is one of those songs, titled Daydreaming, that captures that essence of what I felt the first time I heard her. Players include Spencer Wright on bass, Matty Alger on drums, Mitch Grainger on electric guitar with Rosa Pullman on vocals and Wurlitzer piano. It was recorded and mixed by Mitch Grainger. Congrats to Rosa and her collaborators, for the song recently made it onto rotation in Starbucks! Hope you enjoy. GC

Rosa Pullman - Daydreaming

Connect direct with Rosa Pullman at RosaVPullman.Com

Connect direct with Mitch Grainger at MitchGrainger.Com

Short Sleeve Heart

Short Sleeve Heart

Learned about Short Sleeve Heart while listening to opening acts for Train co-founder Rob Hotchkiss who played at The Mint back on Friday January 29 2016. Liked this particular song titled Lone Lee. Hope you do to! GC

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TheIndies.Com presents the soul songs of Roxy5000

Here is a fiercely independent act that deserves support. It's front man is a hard working artist who has been honing his craft and keeping his dues current for a long time. His name is Roxy Prince. He calls his act Roxy5000. Roxy has a diverse and stellar repertoire that we've been aware of for several years now. We especially like when he taps into his own original soulfulness that is sort of in the vein of old school Boy George/Culture Club. Hope you enjoy these handpicked tracks of Roxy that Mariana and I have picked! GC

Just below is a recent late 2015 recording titled Touch The Sky.

Roxy5000 - Touch The Sky

Just below is a recent 2015 recording titled Sun In My Heart

Roxy5000 - Sun In My Heart

Just below is a recent mid 2015 recording titled I'm No Better

Roxy5000 - I'm No Better

Just below is a mid 2015 recording of an original song written and immediately recorded in one take titled Love Me

Roxy Prince - Love Me

Just below is a love song from August 2012 titled Bringing Me Down

Just below is a 2011 Roxy5000 release titled Never Going Back featuring Terri Walker & Friends

Roxy5000 featuring Terri Waker & Friends - Never Going Back

Just below is Roxy5000 music video video from 2009 that deserves attention. From the page of the artist: "This is "FUNKY PEOPLE" by ROXY5000. ROXY5000'S anti-bullying/racism song! Sometimes we have to stand up and shout out loud and TELL THE HATERS "WE DON'T GIVE A S... WHAT THEY THINK "Let's stand TOGETHER and Fight for the cause and share with your friends. We are all "FUNKY PEOPLE" Positivity needs YOUR SUPPORT! SHARE IT. Big Love ROXY5000 THE BAND.X"

Roxy5000 - Funky People

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The latest music videos by Darwin Deez

TheIndies.Com presents Darwin Deez

Below are the two most recently released Darwin Deez music videos from his new record titled Double Down. The first song below is titled The Mess She Made

The next song below is titled Kill Your Attitude

Connect direct with Darwin Deez at DarwinDeez.Com

The funk of digital mixmaster Recloose

Featured below is a retro funk/soul mix by former Detroit based digital-artist/remixer known as Recloose. He once moved to live life in the New Zealand music scene, but recently moved to NYC for yet, another change. Recloose's real name is Matt Chicoine. This song below is titled Danger Zone.

Connect direct with Recloose at Recloose.Com, Twitter.Com/Recloose and on Facebook.Com

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Bettye LaVette - The Ultimate Indie

The indies presents Bettye LaVette
Photo by Carol Friedman
What can be said about Bettye LaVette that has not been said already? She is the ultimate indie. Even though she was best friends (like family) with the biggest artists of her youth, like Sam Cooke, and she has been on several major labels that included Motown and Atlantic, she always maintained her independent ways.

Today, she is with Anti- Records, a division of the indie label, Epitaph Records. Epitaph is not a place for dead artists like it's name might imply, by the way. Bettye is independent like their Anti- label portends. And in that independent spirit, Bettye LaVette's music has probably never been more excellent in recent years. No matter what stage she is on, grandiose theaters to humble small venues, she always delivers it the same.  She digs so deep into her soul, you feel it and you believe it because it's real.

Below are some handpicked favorite performances and videos from this truly inspired authentic uncontrived soul/funk artist deserving of the highest honors for her longevity and adherence to keeping it real and never selling out. She is a gem who is way to far under the radar. She is refreshing to hear, at this time when bad art seems to be a trend of a society in free fall. And perhaps this is the best kind of success for real artists like Bettye, coming from the longer road less traveled. She gained and has maintained "street credibility" with musician's musicians. She is as tight and relevant today, musically and soulfully speaking, as she ever was. Her sense of the funk has not been diminished and has only increased, which is not the case for many of her peers, who for one reason or another, have been unable to maintain their chops and their stage hustle. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

This live performance featured below below is of a song she recorded for her most recent 2015 album titled Worthy, which is excellent in every way. Visit BettyeLaVette.Com to hear more and buy that directly from the source.

Bettye LaVette - Wait

Whilst, we would love to feature Bettye's new material here, we instead, hope fans will go straight to Bettye for that.  Instead, we are going to flash back on some of Bettye's earlier material that is also worthy of a listen, again.

The next two songs below are lyric videos to songs from her 2012 album titled Thankful N' Thoughtful.

Bettye LaVette - I'm Not The One

Bettye LaVette - Everything is Broken

And here is a terrific live performance of a Pink Floyd cover. It was filmed by a solo camera operator.

Bettye LaVette - Wish You Were Here, Highline Ballroom, NYC

Here is a song that is one of my favorites. It was written in 1965 by Dee Dee Ford under her birth name, Wrecia Holloway. Bettye's 1965 recording of the song was very successful for her. This version below was recorded and filmed in 1990. She sings her heart out and has a slightly different edge to it than the original.

Bettye Lavette - Let Me Down Easy

Next, is a great Bettye LaVette performance at the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors in honor of The Who, where she delivers her own interpretation of The Who classic written by Pete Townshend titled Love Reign O'er Me with her trademark style.

Bettye LaVette - Love Reign O'er Me (Kennedy Center Honors in honor of The Who)

Last, but not least, is is a fantastic full concert that was filmed for Canal+ TV in France ad featured five six excellent songs: Joy, How I am Different, Little Sparrow, Freedom, Sleep to Dream, and I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got.

Bettye LaVette - (In Concert on Canal+ France)

Connect Direct With Bettye LaVette at BettyeLaVette.Com and Facebook.Com/BettyeLaVette and Twitter.Com/BettyeLaVette

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On The Road with Eliot Sumner and Lykke Li

Back in April 2012, we wrote about and featured the music and videos of Sting's daughter, Eliot Sumner.  At that time her act was known as I Blame Coco. Click here to view that post.  A lot has happened since then.

Eliot Sumner has been paying her music dues the old fashioned way, through trial and error.  In Part I, below, Eliot explains that with her previous I Blame Coco material, after it was released and she listened to it, she felt "no relation to it". That is part of the trial and error music journey she joined before her adult life began.

But if you were ever a fan of her father and his band The Police, you will see and hear a bit of the Sting gene in Eliot.  But, she is all original and not copping someone else's groove, including her father's.  And it's a real delight to listen to, both that material she has moved on from, as well as the present.

Most recently, director John Lindquist, in association with legendary i-D Magazine which is now part of the growing & influential Vice media network, followed Eliot in Europe where she is the supporting act for Lykke Li's tour.

Tracks featured in the three candid videos below include Come Friday, Halfway to Hell, Wobbler and Information.  All are originals written by Eliot Sumner. Enjoy! GC

Part I

Part II

Part III

Connect direct with Eliot Sumner at and

Eliot Sumner's bandmates are Nick Benton (guitar), Jan Blumentrath (keys) and Adam Gammage (drums).  We don't have links on the first two bandmates, yet, but you can connect direct with Adam Gammage at and at where he has all sorts of great music links.

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