Jess Bishop - Pull Me In (Live camcorder in Port Isaac)

The Indies featuring Jess Bishop filmed live recording her song Pull Me In, featuring Max Rafferty of The Kooks on guitar.

Jess Bishop is a songwriter, singer and guitarist from Brighton, England.

Even though this is a rough/raw and under-produced recording, shot by a single camera on a tripod with no operator, the beauty of the music written by this artist and the musical spell she can cast is apparent and transcends any lack of production.

Jess Bishop wrote this song and she is accompanied by Max Rafferty (formerly of The Kooks) on guitar. It was filmed in Port Isaac, a fishing village in Cornwall, England.

Jess Bishop - 'Pull Me In' (Live in Port Isaac)

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The Kills - List of Demands (Reparations) (Music Video)

The Indies Music Television music video of The Kills song List Of Demands Reparations by Saul Williams

The Indies presents The Kills and the music video directed by Ben Strebel, to a their rendition of the song titled List of Demands (Reparations), originally written by rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, slam poet, writer, and actor, Saul Williams. In reference to The Kills covering the song, Saul Williams wrote the following letter:
The entirety of my creative career has been bent towards disrupting the dumb-down of the listener. As a kid, growing up in NY in the 80's & 90's, I was a dedicated rapper and a dancer. It was on the dancefloor that I learned that music with a political bent made me dance harder. When I felt like the music spoke to me and to the times, and if the beat was right, I could pull off the moves and acrobatics that i found impossible without. So given the opportunity to record my goal was always to make hardcore dance music using the formula that inspired me: punk energy, mind-fucked beats, & political courage. Even in poetry, I've been driven by the desire to disrupt and engage the reader or listener on the same grounds. "List of Demands (Reparations)" was written with these direct intentions. Fuck up the dancefloor & open a mind.

I've always been a huge fan of covers & re-interpretations. I always felt envious of the way the 60's generation shared songs and ideologies. Jimi singing Dylan. Rotary Connection singing Otis Redding. The Stones singing the blues. This is all part of the beauty & power of music and it reverberates deeply in me. All this to say, I'm honored.

The times are divisive, particularly under poor leadership, yet the voices of the politically disenfranchised are louder than ever. The amplification of these voices gives rise to new insights and a chance to break away from the normative thinking and behavior that has held women, people of color, and the poor, in a holding pattern for centuries. The role of the artist in these times is crystal clear: be present, be courageous, put your heart on the line.There's a passage in a Maya Angelou book which says, "Anything an artist writes should be written with the urgency of what they would write if someone were holding a gun in their mouth." That gun is every divisive tool that politicians, lobbyists, nationalists, and their short-sighted followers use to silence us and thwart human, female, & ecological progress. Progressive music, on the other hand, disarms, uplifts, & harmonizes. That Bob Marley refrain, "Hit me with music" is straight from the trenches and exemplifies the kind of energy and sound we need to disrupt the dumb-down.

I liked The Kills before they chose to cover LOD. If they can feel themselves in that song it's because they are as much a part of it as I am.
Saul Williams
The Kills - List of Demands (Reparations)

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Music video director: Ben Strebel
Music video commissioner: Dilly Gent
Album cover art: Shepard Fairey


The-Indies-Music-Television music video for song titled Pie by the indie rock band from Denver titled SYCDVK

SYCDVK, pronounced sik-duhk, is a Denver-Colorado based indie rock band with a soulful psychedelic/jazz edge. The band weaves in an out of genres and may remind listeners of Blood Sweat and Tears, meets Frank Zappa, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Chicago and at other times, obscure, but great guitarists like Frank Gambale and/or Carl Verheyen.

This band is seems to presently be way under the radar, but is very worthy of a bigger audience, especially people who like new music with integrity and an old soul.

The video featured below is for SYCDVK's song titled Pie. It was directed by Peter Warekois and stars Hellen Boyer French. Enjoy!


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Music Video Production Credits
Director: Peter Warekois
Actress: Hellen Boyer French.
Alien 1: Nic Jay
Alien 2: Tony Milano
Key Grips: Nick Milano and Chris Geary
Editors: Michael Potts and Peter Warekois
Produced by SYCDVK in conjunction with Image of Colorado
Location and Props provided by Nico Pisani and Jenny Filipetti

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Austin Brown - Smile (Official Video)

Music-Television music video of Austin Brown song titled Smile, director Pierre Rabagny
The Indies is pleased to present Austin Brown and the music video to his song titled Smile, which is track #7 from his album titled Canyon Sessions. The music video was directed by Pierre Rabagny.

Austin Brown - Smile (Official Video)

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AdELA - Crown (featuring Royce da 5'9" and Jon Connor)

The-Indies music video of AdELA song titled Crown featuring Royce da 5'9 and Jon Connor

The-Indies presents a animated hip-hop music video by AdELA for her song titled Crown, featuring the rap of Royce da 5'9" and Joe Connor. Crown is track #2 from her album titled Dreamers & Thinkers. The video was directed by STREETRUNNER.

AdELA - Crown (featuring Royce 5'9" and Jon Connor)

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Music Video Production Credits for Adela - Crown
Project Coordinators:
Atuanya Priester:, and
Clemm Rishad:, and
Illustrations by Nathan Walkington @, and
After Effects Artist: Ruth Alexandria
Editing, Titles and Visual EFX by DeadEyez

Lolo Zouaï - High Highs to Low Lows (Music Video)

The-Indies music video featuring Lolo Zouaï for her song titled High Highs to Low Lows

The Indies stumbled on this interesting song and music video from a up and coming indie solo artist named Lolo Zouaï for her song titled High Highs to Low Lows. The DIY video was directed by Lolo and Hanna Hotchkiss and edited by Lolo herself. The song was produced by Stelios.

Lolo Zouaï - High Highs to Low Lows

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Directed and shot by Hanna Hotchkiss and Lolo Zouaï
Edited by Lolo Zouaï
Produced by Bad Bitch Ent. and KidSuper Studios

Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go (Music Video)

The-Indies music video of Genevieve Artadi song titled Nowhere To Go

The Indies presents Genevieve Artadi and the music video to her song titled Nowhere to Go. Enjoy! 

Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go

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Genevieve Artadi - Nowhere to Go - Music Video Production Credits
Directed by Daniel Sunshine and Genevieve Artadi
Cinematography, Editing, and Special Effects by Daniel Sunshine
Shot in sunny Rochester, NY
Special thanks to Emiliano Lasansky and Ike Polinksy for helping out bigtime on the shoot.

Song writing and production Credits:
Written, Produced, and Performed by Genevieve Artadi
Additional Production by Henry Haliwell
Bass Played by Andy McCauley
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Stegner

Lyrics for Genevieve Artadi's song: Nowhere to Go

get out of my brain you've got to leave me alone, stop this echo
let me have the way it was before you came and cast your shadow
get out of my way you've got me seeing nothing, cycling, falling
shrinking into something i don’t wanna be i’m nowhere with nowhere to go

nowhere to go
nowhere to go
nowhere to go

get out of my head you’ve got to let me let go, let me let be
let me have the way it was before you came and cast your shadow

get out of my way u’ve got me seeing nothing, cycling, falling
shrinking into something i don’t wanna be i’m nowhere with nowhere to go

nowhere to go
nowhere to go
nowhere to go

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