Da Fuchaman - Tight Indie Reggae Artist and Documentarian

TheIndies.Com presents Da Fuchaman

Was just about to give up on this Twitter thing until it helped us learn of a highly positive Reggae artist on the Reggae Livication Records imprint. His name is Zemroy Thomas, but he goes by Da Fuchaman. He has a really nice song titled I Feel Love from his most recent EP titled Rasta Will Be There. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Da Fuchaman - I Feel Love

Here is one more of his positive songs titled Don't Give Up. It was released a few years ago on his album titled Rise Up. It's great as a song, a statement and as a filmed medium.

Da Fuchaman - Don't Give Up

Da Fuchaman has also developed his chops as a documentarian/film maker. The description of his film reads: "Da Fuchaman returned to his homeland/Middle Buxton in the hills of St Ann's, Jamaica. Linking up with old friends, families and showing the beauty of the countrysides in the land of sunshine. Featuring pictures of Marhouse Boxton, Lower Buxton and Browns Town."

Back In The Hills Of Jamaica by Da Fuchaman

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Man From The South - Before The Flood

The Indies presents Man From The South

Following up on a lead took us to the following artist and companies in The Netherlands. First, we were led to Tin Ear Management. Just below is an act they handle that is on the Quadrofoon label/imprint. Their artist calls himself Man From The South. I love this guys sound on this song, and the music video is pretty nice too. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Man From The South - Before The Flood (Track #1 on his Paeonia Album)

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The latest from Hank & Cupcakes

The Indies presents Hank & Cupcakes

Ariel Scherbacovsky and Sagit Shir are Hank & Cupcakes, a unique indie husband and wife duo that founded their act in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2008, eventually stationing themselves in Brooklyn, New York. They happen to be the first act I ever followed on Twitter.  I first featured them in 2011 here and here.  Their most recent record is titled CA$H 4 GOLD. They are in the middle of a U.S. tour. Please check the dates at the bottom of this post. Just below are the official videos from this most recent record that have so far been released. Enjoy! GC

Hank & Cupcakes - Bat Your Eyelids

Hank & Cupcakes - Cocaina

Hank & Cupcakes - Relax

Hank & Cupcakes - Countdown

Click here to buy CA$H 4 GOLD on iTunes

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Last Half of early 2015 U.S. Tour Schedule
Hank & Cupcakes 2015 U.S. Tour Schedule

Grateful Dead's indie style makes Wall Street Journal front page

The Indies presents Grateful Dead

Last month, it was announced that the original living Grateful Dead members would reunite to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Grateful Dead.

The reason for this post is because this weekend, a Grateful Dead story made the front page of the Wall Street Journal due to the strength and cosmic ethics behind the group's indie operation that is processing concert ticket orders for the shows through an old-school method of the U.S. mail. Fans decorate their envelopes that hold ticket requests, covered in hand drawn psychedelic art in hopes of sending the right impression that they are not part of a scalper network, but real fans.  The fact that the story is newsworthy to the journal is a testament to the value of the indie spirit that Grateful Dead has always been known for.

Just below are some select songs recorded live on November 24, 1978 at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, USA. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Grateful Dead - Estimated Prophet / Shakedown St. / Fire On The Mt / Sugar Magnolia

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Much thanks to Music Vault for making the featured Grateful Dead videos available.

Thermite - Fade Away

The Indies presents Thermite and their music video for Fade Away

From Southern California is a young trio (they're just kids) known as Thermite whose members are Nick Bost, Ryan Mitchell, and Cole Mitchell. Just below is their music video to their song titled Fade Away. Enjoy! GC

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Hear snippets of other songs and/or buy the album:

The Skints - East London Reggae

The Indies presents The Skints

East London Reggae is what they call their sound. Just below is the latest music video by The Skints. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

The Skints - This Town (Official Video) ft. Tippa Irie and Horseman

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TheIndies.Com presents Vitek

Vitek is a very under the radar act out of Nashville, that has a good feel with real players that includes a horn section. The groups leader is Gabrahm Vitek, who also has been known as Gabe Vitek, on vocals & keyboards that includes a Fender Rhodes, an old Wurlitzer and other assorted pianos and keyboards that are featured in his videos.

When I say under the radar, I mean it. The various sites that link from Vitek's official YouTube page have all disappeared. I am talking about no more Facebook account, no more Twitter account and the domain name the band used is no longer.

Vitek recorded a song and made a conceptual video that has something about it.  The video, directed by  Annie Miller, might be better than the song, but the song is still all right. I came upon that video because of another a pretty interesting film take of them performing live in a studio environment. So here are both of those and one more, just below. Enjoy! GC

First up is the conceptual one. It's titled Sunbird

The next one below is titled Devil, Don't You

And, here is one more from a bit further back, in 2010, titled No Look Dancing

UPDATE: WE JUST FOUND VITEK: He is now in a band in Nashville that is named "Kind". Connect direct with Vitek on Twitter.Com/GabrahmVitek and Connect with his new band, Kind, at facebook.com/kindnashville