Dawn Mitschele

TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photograph by Justin Bartels
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Justin Bartels
The-Indies is proud to present Dawn Mitschele, a very tasty singer/songwriter and guitarist. She's a true indie, organic, uncontrived artist without an ounce of hype. She has traveled, busked and performed around the world with love that radiates a certain purity and authenticism that is rare. Enjoy! - GC

Dawn Mitschele - Soldier (Shot and Edited by Mike Hacker in various spots around NYC: Chelsea Market Passage of the High Line, The Grizzly Pear bar on MacDougal Street, and on Minetta Street in Greenwich Village)

Dawn Mitschele - The Queen (On the streets and doorways in the 20th arrondissement of Paris - Directed by John McNulty)
From her 5 song EP, "Love Remains."

Connect direct with Dawn Mitschele at dawnmitschele.com

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TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena of SweetPaperMedia.com