Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams (Music Video)

Saw Trixie Whitley at The Satellite in Silverlake California on December 1, 2012. The show was amazing. She's a great minimalist who avoided pomp & circumstance, opting for authenticism that runs deep in her cells. Trixie delivered up music with her sensitive grace and style, with soul so deep.

She thanked the audience several times and meant it, for one could hear a pin drop as the venue fell silent between songs. Quite rare in LA, as all eyes were on Trixie and her every move and word. Near the end, Daniel Lanois stepped in to play along.  It was one of the most memorable intimate shows of 2012.

This song below by Trixie is so excellent, it stayed on repeat for too many plays to count. It seems to have some ethereal commentary attached when heard with the video by Anton Coene, which is a nice work of photographic art that seems to touch on the controversial subject of geoengineering. GC

Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams

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Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies, Trixie Whitley
Photo of Trixie Whitley by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Trixie Whitley, Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies
Trixie Whitley Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain

TheIndies.Com, The Indies, Trixie Whitley, Daniel Lanois, Gregory J. Chamberlain
Photo of Trixie Whitley and Daniel Lanois by Gregory J. Chamberlain