Quantic - Duvidó (with Pongo Love)

Here is one from a hot U.K. based indie label known as Tru Thoughts Recordings. One of their acts, out of Colombia, is known as Quantic, which is the moniker of a British chap named Will Holland. He crafts his music from his studio in the highlands of Bogota.

The Indies presents the music of Quantic
Cover to Quantic's album titled Magnetica - Artwork by Stephen Serrato
This colorful video, just below, is filled with people and festival street scenes in Colombia and is put to a song titled Duvidó from Quantic's album titled Magnetica. The song features Pongo Love, a stage name given to the Angolan artist Engrácia Domingues by her father, as a tribute to the Congolese singer M'Pongo Love. Enjoy! GC

Quantic - Duvidó (featuring Pongo Love)

Connect direct with Quantic at Quantic.Org

Connect direct with Pongo Love at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pongo-Love/1414215478816318

Connect direct with Tru Thoughts Recordings at Tru-Thoughts.Co.UK

Sandpaper & Lilt

TheIndies.Com presents Sandpaper & Lilt

A duo named Sandpaper & Lilt, featuring John Colella and Melanie Ruane, made a cool little song titled Back To The Stars. Melanie Ruane is one of those artists, on her own, who has that magic ability to cast a spell with her ethereal voice, consistently across her her own broad ranged repertoire that is buried inside of her. Hope you enjoy this one below. gc

Sandpaper & Lilt - Back To The Stars

Connect direct with Sandpaper & Lilt at Twitter.com/SandpaperNLilt

"Royals" by Lorde covered by Hannah Holbrook, Ayo Awosika and The Arrow & The Bow

TheIndies.Com presents Hannah Holbrook | Ayo Awosika | The Arrow & The Bow

If you know and like SHEL, a stellar group of four sisters who has been featured here and here on The Indies before, you will enjoy what Hannah Holbrook (The H of SHEL) recorded with some of her friends with this cover song by Lorde titled Royals. Joining Hannah are her friends Ayo Awosika along with Hannah Christianson and Hillary Reynolds of a duo known as The Arrow & The Bow.

WE APOLOGIZE - The Music Video is temporarily unavailable. It will be posted again soon. Please check back.

Catch Hannah Holbrook, Ayo Awosika, and The Arrow & The Bow in concert Dec 3rd - 7th in Newton Square PA, Hudson NY, ONLINE EVERYWHERE, NYC, and Boston.

Find out more:

Draze - The Hood Ain't The Same

The Indies presents the music video to the song by Draze titled The Hood Ain't The Same.

Today (November 7, 2014) Macklemore tweeted:
The Indies is proud to present a song where the groove is infectious and the photography is brilliant. What Draze raps about seems to be a sign of the times. This isn't some left against right thing. It's the story that so many across America rightfully claim as some on Wall Street have been bailed out at the expense of Main Streets that have become more like Mean Streets of change through gentrification by those propped up by yet another bubble driven by artificially low interest rates and a big flow of cash into the hands of those who should have been forced into bankruptcy when the last bubble popped. This re-pump of the many U.S. economic bubbles has displaced a great many people that hardly anyone talks about. Some call it progress while others like Draze call it something else. I sympathize with his rap. GC

Draze - The Hood Ain't The Same

Connect direct with Draze at thedrazeexperience.com, facebook.com/thedrazeexperience, twitter.com/DrazeExperience and at soundcloud.com/thedrazeexperience

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The latest from Alexz Johnson

TheIndies.Com presents independent musician Alexz Johnson

Last time The Indies featured Alexz Johnson was March 2013 (visit that post) and we were impressed by her not only for her music, but for her way of approaching the business. Fast forward to today, she's recently been talked about in the Wall Street Journal of all places (see article here), and has a fresh video to the tasty title track of her latest album titled Let 'Em Eat Cake which is featured below.  Enjoy! GC

Alexz Johnson - Let 'Em Eat Cake

Connect direct with Alexz Johnson at AlexzJohnson.Com, Facebook.com/pg/alexzjohnsonofficial, Instagram.com/alexzjohnsonofficial and Twitter.com/alexzjohnson


The Budos Band - Live in Austin

TheIndies.Com presents The Budos Band

The Budos Band is another great act that happens to be on the Daptone Records label, home to an eclectic array of real true unmanufactured soul, afro and jazz inspired acts of substance. It's really great to find a full band with real horn players like this. Now digging for more great takes of them with more to come. - GC

The Budos Band - Live in Austin

Connect direct with The Budos Band at TheBudosBand.Com


Thanks to Scott Hathaway for the original post of the above Budos Band performance shot August 21, 2010 at Mohawk in Austin Texas

Congas/Bongos -- Robert Lombardo
Percussion -- Vincent Balestrino
Conga/Percussion -- John Carbonella
Drums -- Brian Profilio
Bass Guitar -- Daniel Foder
Guitar -- Thomas Brenneck
Farfisa Organ -- Michael Deller
Trumpet -- Andrew Greene
Baritone Saxophone -- Jared Tankel

Director/DP/Editor - Scott Hathaway
Camera Crew: Ken Dvorak, Chase Chesnutt, Gary Wilson, EJ Enriquez, and Dan Powers w/ Assistants: Alexander Clark and Damian Ramos Sosa.

London Grammar (Music Videos from their Stellar Debut Album)

TheIndies.Com presents London Grammar

Below are beautiful songs and music videos by the trio known as London Grammar from their debut album titled If You Wait. The frontwoman of the act, Hannah Reid, who stands in front of the mic (with zero hype, pomp or circumstance) and simply sings, is the best thing since Sade. Enjoy! - GC

Please click the play button on the first video below, pick the high-resolution & fullscreen options and kick back. At the conclusion of the first video, the 2nd, 3rd & 4th videos will continue playing automatically, followed by hours of handpicked music videos if you choose to let it roll.

London Grammar - Hey Now

London Grammar - Sights

London Grammar - Wasting My Young Years

London Grammar - Strong

Connect direct with London Grammar at LondonGrammar.Com, Facebook.com/londongrammar, Twitter.com/londongrammar, Instagram.com/londongrammar and Soundcloud.com/londongrammar

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Kiesza - Hideaway (One Shot Video Hall of Famer)

TheIndies.Com presents Kiesza and her debut single and music video titled Hideaway

The one shot music video, with no cuts, seems like a great indie tool for those on a budget who don't have the cash for an editor. But, it usually takes much more planning, choreography, dozens of failed tries and complicated hard work than most would think. Just below is a good one for the One Take Hall of Fame by a true indie out of Canada named Kiesza. She is signed to a New York indie label Lokal Legend. This is her debut single that has had a strong impact that has gotten her a lot of attention in a short time. Enjoy! GC

Kiesza - Hideaway

Connect direct with Kiesza at Kiesza.com, Facebook.com/Kiesza, Instagram.com/kiesza and Twitter.com/kiesza

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Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love (Music Video)

Photo of Trixie Whitley performing live at The Satellite

Just below is one more great track by Trixie Whitley that deserves love and attention. The video was directed by Anton Coene.

Trixie Whitley - Need Your Love

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley

The photograph of Trixie Whitley in this post was shot by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Trixie Whitley

Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies, Trixie Whitley

This Trixie Whitley video is a repost that is a must... A great timeless song yet to be widely discovered.  Please share it, for it is one of those songs by one of those artists that deserves to be heard.

Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley

Trixie Whitley, Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies

Both of the above photos of Trixie Whitley were shot by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Vintage Trouble

TheIndies.Com presents Vintage Trouble
Vinyl cover for Vintage Trouble release titled The Bomb Shelter Sessions

If you like blues inspired rock, you'll most likely enjoy Vintage Trouble.

Vintage Trouble - Run Like The River

Vintage Trouble - Pelvis Pusher

Vintage Trouble - Nobody Told Me

Vintage Trouble - Blues Hand Me Downs

Vintage Trouble - Live in Venice performing a Cockeresque cover of the Beatles classic With A Little Help From My Friends

Connect direct with Vintage Trouble at VintageTrouble.Com


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Dawn Mitschele

TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photograph by Justin Bartels
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Justin Bartels
The-Indies is proud to present Dawn Mitschele, a very tasty singer/songwriter and guitarist. She's a true indie, organic, uncontrived artist without an ounce of hype. She has traveled, busked and performed around the world with love that radiates a certain purity and authenticism that is rare. Enjoy! - GC

Dawn Mitschele - Soldier (Shot and Edited by Mike Hacker in various spots around NYC: Chelsea Market Passage of the High Line, The Grizzly Pear bar on MacDougal Street, and on Minetta Street in Greenwich Village)

Dawn Mitschele - The Queen (On the streets and doorways in the 20th arrondissement of Paris - Directed by John McNulty)
From her 5 song EP, "Love Remains."

Connect direct with Dawn Mitschele at dawnmitschele.com

Enjoy more Dawn Mitschele songs and music videos from previous posts on The-Indies at the following links:


TheIndies.Com presents Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena
Dawn Mitschele - Photo by Pol Sena of SweetPaperMedia.com


TheIndies.Com recommends the Oscar nominated Palestinian film titled Omar

A indie film titled Omar hit the big league after being nominated for an Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film" of 2014.

The film was directed by Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, who also was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2006 with his film titled Paradise Now.

Omar is really the deepest of love stories at it's roots, but is full of real danger, non stop suspense, paranoia of not knowing who to trust, mind games and bitter betrayal.

The character Omar (Adam Bakri) must scale a separation wall if and when he wants to meet up with the love of his life named Nadja who is played by actress Leem Lubany.

The film is really heavy and portrays Omar and his friends as freedom fighters against the Israeli occupation. It's violent and harsh with action and heart pounding scenes that don't let up through to the last frame. While the film offers no solutions to the ongoing conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians, it's a must see and a very well done film with many layers of depth.

Robbing Millions

TheIndies.Com presents Robbing Millions

Bordering on Avant Garde, from Brussels Belgium, here is a psychedelic band known as Robbing Millions. The band was founded by guitarist/vocalist Lucien Fraipont and includes Gaspard Ryelandt on vocals, Daniel Bleikolm on keyboards, Leo Campbell on bass & guitar and Jakob Warmenbol on drums.

The first two videos below were filmed by a French music discovery show out of Brussels known as Bruxelles Ma Belle

Robbing Millions - Tenshinhan

Robbing Millions - I Did Not Realize

Next up is a conceptual music video for the studio version of the Robbing Millions song titled Ages and Sun

Next up is a conceptual music video for the studio version of the Robbing Millions song titled Tenshinhan

Connect direct with Robbing Millions at http://robbingmillions.bandcamp.com/ Facebook.com/RobbingMillions, Soundcloud.com/robbing-millions and Twitter.com/robbingmillions


Dom La Nena - Canção Boba

TheIndies.Com is proud to present more from Dom La Nena
Dom La Nena performs to a packed house in Lisbon Portugal
For the last year or so, the cellist/songwriter/singer and touring artist named Dom La Nena has been no stranger on my trail of posts listed at the end of this entry. It has been lovely to follow her international travels where she has been so well received quite literally everywhere. Just read the piece on her that Jim Fusilli at The Wall St. Journal recently wrote about her in the January 9, 2014 Life & Culture section. (click here to read).

She is well deserving of much more exposure in my opinion because her songs are so very beautiful along with the fact that she has really paid her dues in terms of personally honing her craft and original songwriting. She is a real artist not put together by the Hollywood hype machine. She is super organic, unmanufactured and a true artist. Dom La Nena is breath of fresh air.

The two videos below are different takes of the same song, and original by Dom La Nena titled Canção Boba. The first take was shot in the streets of Fez, Morocco. It was shot by Dom La Nena's videographer (her husband, according to the Wall St. Journal) who gets credit only as Jeremiah with support from Mathieu Mastin and Renaud Duguet. Dom La Nena is one of my favorite emerging organic artists making her way around the international scene. Enjoy! - GC

Dom La Nena - Canção Boba (on the streets of Fez, Morocco)

This version and official music video for Canção Boba was filmed in the Jardin des Tuileries of Paris, France. It too was filmed by Jeremiah.

Connect direct with Dom La Nena at DomLaNena.Com

Hear other Dom La Nena songs from earlier posts I have made at the links below:

This posts features Dom La Nena performing the title track of her album Ela, live on Portugese TV in Europe.

This post features Dom La Nena's video to her song titled Golondrina

This post features her song titled Anjo Gabriel

This post features a live version and studio version of her breakout song titled No Meu Pais

This post features the song Buenos Aires, Dessa Vez featuring Piers Faccini, Saudade and Ela featuring Dancas Ocultas

This post features No Meu Pais featuring Absynthe Minded

The Inspired Music of Bernhoft

TheIndies.Com presents Bernhoft
Bernhoft - Photo by Fred Jonny

A few years ago, the only Eskimo I think I know, recording artist/producer Kelly Moneymaker, turned me onto Jerle Bernhoft, a.k.a. Bernhoft. Bernhoft has been emerging for years and fine tuning his own brand of soul music in his native country of Norway.

Bernhoft is seriously inspired in terms of songwriting, his very soulful vocals and in terms of his ability to play guitar, bass & piano and create percussion sounds out of thin air while setting up loops with his feet that forms a serious wall of sound. He is the ultimate one man band. Enjoy! - GC

***In these first three recordings below, these are actual live recording and there are no overdubs. seriously for real!)

Bernhoft and his track entitled Cmon Talk.

Next is Bernhoft and his track titled Choices

Next is Berhoft and his unreleased track entitled Since I was a Little Kid

Next video below is a song where he breaks from his usual pattern of being a one man band running loops, being a beatbox and playing multiple guitars all while singing his ass off. In this live performance video, he simply sits down at the piano and sings.

Bernhoft - Stay With Me

And last but not least is Bernhoft with more of a studio track and a real music video to his song titled So Many Faces.

Connect direct with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org

Hear three more handpicked Bernhoft tracks at http://www.musicload.com/2011/04/jerle-bernhoft-has.html


The badass sounds of Unlocking The Truth

TheIndies.Com presents Unlocking The Truth
Unlocking The Truth
Photo from a recent Cole Haan clothing company holiday ad campaign! 
Just below is a 33 minute performance of a tasty young independent group found via a New Year's Day tweet on the Twitter page of Cree Summer who is presently the featured artist on MusicTelevision.Com - The group, which has a sound that the hard rock band LivingColour.Com would be proud of, has apparently been getting a lot of major league attention lately. The group was even featured in a advertising campaign for the clothing company Cole Haan.

The group called the performance below their "Farewell Show" in Time Square New York back in June 23, 2013. More from these guys soon! Enjoy! - GC

Connect direct with Unlocking The Truth at UnlockingTheTruthBand.Com