The Inspired Music of Bernhoft

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Bernhoft - Photo by Fred Jonny

A few years ago, the only Eskimo I think I know, recording artist/producer Kelly Moneymaker, turned me onto Jerle Bernhoft, a.k.a. Bernhoft. Bernhoft has been emerging for years and fine tuning his own brand of soul music in his native country of Norway.

Bernhoft is seriously inspired in terms of songwriting, his very soulful vocals and in terms of his ability to play guitar, bass & piano and create percussion sounds out of thin air while setting up loops with his feet that forms a serious wall of sound. He is the ultimate one man band. Enjoy! - GC

***In these first three recordings below, these are actual live recording and there are no overdubs. seriously for real!)

Bernhoft and his track entitled Cmon Talk.

Next is Bernhoft and his track titled Choices

Next is Berhoft and his unreleased track entitled Since I was a Little Kid

Next video below is a song where he breaks from his usual pattern of being a one man band running loops, being a beatbox and playing multiple guitars all while singing his ass off. In this live performance video, he simply sits down at the piano and sings.

Bernhoft - Stay With Me

And last but not least is Bernhoft with more of a studio track and a real music video to his song titled So Many Faces.

Connect direct with Bernhoft at Bernhoft.Org

Hear three more handpicked Bernhoft tracks at