About The Indies brand

The Indies at TheIndies.Com is operated & powered by FreeV and is part of The Indies Network of entertainment brands, in association with Music Television Company.
"The Indies" at TheIndies.Com features music centered filmed entertainment focused on broadcasting and distribution across all available platforms.

The Indies brand was founded on February 9, 2000, with the intent of being a entertainment showcase for independent musical artists of substance where their music meets creative independent film making, short films, animation, photography and other mixed mediums.

Much like a old-school A&R deparpment at a record label, The Indies keeps it ear to the ground, searches for, hunts down and finds emerging and lesser known song writers, artist and bands from all over the world who are worthy of attention. The Indies team digs for filmed content, creative lyric videos, animated videos and other mixed mediums connected to musical acts of substance.

The Indies features conceptual music videos set to studio recordings as well as live, non studio recordings of such artists. Not only is The Indies a showcase for creative musicians, bands and songwriters of substance, it is a platform for video directors, independent filmmakers, animators, choreographers, dancers, TV producers and many many others who are part of the process.

The Indies and it's associated brand TV channel and multi-media development known as The Indies Network, has been developing plans and forging forward toward distribution of The Indies featured entertainment content across all platforms including, but not limited to Pay TV, broadcast (free) TV, theatrical distribution of music films, OTT, streaming, mobile, online, FM radio, satellite and digital radio, print, street and all other media distribution platforms. 
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