Nneka & Chiliscote

Nneka is one of the most badass artists of substance on the global circuit who sings and stumps about topics of substance. And not only topics associated with the plight of her own native home of Lagos, Nigeria. She gets the big picture, the global interconnectedness of it all. A modern day female Bob Marley, Nneka is a true indie spirit with that "it" thing who has collaborated with a great many established artists such as Ziggy and Damian Marley as well as many presently more obscure artists such as the rapper known as Chiliscote of Germany in the videos below. GC

Nneka & Babatunde & Chiliscote - "La historia es nuestra"

Nneka & Chiliscote - "Cast the Devil"

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

Who is Esperanza Spalding?

She is not new. She has worked many years in full groove mode. But for those who have missed out on Esperanza Spalding so far, now is the time. Esperanza Spalding has delivered a fresh approach to real jazz, not smooth jazz, but the real thing! And she can and does break style and genre boundaries as if they do not exist.

As a bassist myself, I dig anyone who can sing and play bass simultaneously. But Esperanza is no ordinary singer or bassist. She takes it all to new levels. She is remarkable beyond any word. She is kind and genuine, which makes her all the more desirable to listen to. GC

This particular episode of Austin City Limits featuring Esperanza Spalding is a great show to watch, for this is Esperanza captured beautifully, playing live and showing what she can really do and who she really is.

Connect direct with Esperanza Spalding at EsperanzaSpalding.Com, https://twitter.com/EspeSpalding, Instagram.com/esperanzaspalding and Facebook.com/EsperanzaSpalding

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Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams (Music Video)

Saw Trixie Whitley at The Satellite in Silverlake California on December 1, 2012. The show was amazing. She's a great minimalist who avoided pomp & circumstance, opting for authenticism that runs deep in her cells. Trixie delivered up music with her sensitive grace and style, with soul so deep.

She thanked the audience several times and meant it, for one could hear a pin drop as the venue fell silent between songs. Quite rare in LA, as all eyes were on Trixie and her every move and word. Near the end, Daniel Lanois stepped in to play along.  It was one of the most memorable intimate shows of 2012.

This song below by Trixie is so excellent, it stayed on repeat for too many plays to count. It seems to have some ethereal commentary attached when heard with the video by Anton Coene, which is a nice work of photographic art that seems to touch on the controversial subject of geoengineering. GC

Trixie Whitley - Breathe You In My Dreams

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley

Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies, Trixie Whitley
Photo of Trixie Whitley by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Trixie Whitley, Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies
Trixie Whitley Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain

TheIndies.Com, The Indies, Trixie Whitley, Daniel Lanois, Gregory J. Chamberlain
Photo of Trixie Whitley and Daniel Lanois by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Filmmaker Sarah Holbrook - The Civil Wars - 20 Years

Sarah Holbrook comes from a family of talented artists. Her father was a working musician when she was a single digit. She and her three sisters tagged along to gigs and eventually become working musicians themselves and have their all sister band named SHEL made up of Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.

SHEL, Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza
SHEL Is (left to right) Liza (Percussion + Vox) Sarah (Violin + Vox) Eva (Mandolin + Vox) Hannah (Keys + Vox)
Sarah also is an accomplished director. She went to school for videographer before she dropped out of school to be in SHEL full time, but that has not stopped her passion for being a director of photography. She just finished this video submission for a group known as The Civil Wars, which invited all film makers to make their own video to their song. Her sister Hannah, the pianist in SHEL, is featured in this video.

Director - Sarah Holbrook
Band - The Civil Wars
Song: 20 Years

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the video is presently unavailable. We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue.

Connect direct with the Civil Wars at TheCivilWars.Com

Lianne La Havas - Lost And Found - (Live at BBC 6 - 10th Anniversary)

The music of Lianne La Havas is pure and simply wonderful on every level. GC

Lianne La Havas - Full Concert Performance for BBC 6 - 10th Anniversary

Connect direct with Lianne La Havas at LianneLaHavas.Com, Facebook.Com/LianneLaHavas, Twitter.Com/LianneLaHavas and Instagram.Com/LianneLaHavas

Congratulations Susan Calloway

Susan Calloway is one of those artists with that "it" thing just sitting on the piano stool with no pomp or circumstance.

She just played the London, England concert venue, Royal Alpert Hall tonight, on Friday November 2, 2012. Congratulations Susan! GC

Connect direct with Susan Calloway at SusanCalloway.Com

Nneka is playing at Hotel Cafe - November 3

One of the greatest indie minded artists on the planet, Nneka, will play what should be a very intimate show at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, California on Saturday, November 3, 2012. Hope to see everyone there! GC


Click here to get your tickets (ONLY $12.50) before they are all gone :)

TheIndies.Com presents Nneka
Nneka during soundcheck in Hollywood - Photo by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Nneka - Africans

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - Shining Star

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - The Uncomfortable Truth

The Indies presents Nnneka
Photo of Nneka at Amoeba Records Performance - Shot by Gregory J. Chamberlain

Nneka - Do you love me now (live session @ streets of Paris)

The Indies presents Nnneka

Nneka - Heartbeat (Live)

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

The Indies presents Nnneka

Americans - a Public Service Film by Kid Rock & Sean Penn

Well Done! In this time of friends getting angry with one another over political ideology, this film is good timing. Kudos! GC

Text from the filmakers"
"Americans" is a short, public service film starring Sean Penn and Kid Rock, directed by Jameson Stafford. The goal of the film is to tear down the one-dimensional political stereotypes portrayed by the media by confronting them head on. It reminds us that what really matters is that we're all Americans, with diverse thoughts, opinions and stances on issues. We are millions of unique, individual parts, the sum of which comprise a whole that is the shining beacon of freedom throughout the world.

The film reminds us to be proud of our differences, and to never forget that we're all in this together as Americans.

Connect direct with Kid Rock at KidRock.Com

Annmarie Cullen - My Special Love

Photo of Annmarie Cullen by Gregory J. Chamberlain, The Indies at TheIndies.Com presents music videos

This is a favorite artist of The-Indies. She is not only a serious talent as a songwriter, musician, singer, and arranger, Annmarie also puts on great events to advance other emerging independent artists, bands and songwriters of substance. She is the quintessential cool girl.

The Indies is proud to feature these two live recordings, with interviews, of Annmarie on Treble Clef Live performing her song titled My Special Love and a song called Trapped, originally recorded by her band, Saucy Monky with bandmate Cynthia Catania. Enjoy!

Annmarie Cullen - My Special Love (Live on Treble Clef Live)

Annmarie Cullen - Trapped (Live on Treble Clef Live)

Connect direct with Annmarie Cullen at AnnmarieCullen.Com or at the website for a fantastic band she fronts with Cynthia Catania at SaucyMonky.Com

The photo of Annmarie Cullen at the top of this post was shot by Gregory J. Chamberlain

This post was original created on October 16, 2012 with subsequent edits and mobile friendly updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network.

Trixie Whitley - I'd Rather Go Blind

The Indies LOVES Trixie Whitley. If you've not ever heard her, please enjoy this really sweet live recording. GC

Trixie Whitley - I'd Rather Go Blind

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley


Muse - Madness (Music Video)

The Indies presents Muse and the music video for their song titled Madness, which is the first single from their album titled The 2nd Law. The music video was directed by Anthony Mandler.

Connect direct with Muse at Muse.Mu and at Twitter.Com/Music and at Facebook.Com/Muse

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SHEL - Stained (Live TV Performance)

SHEL live TV performance of Stained, The-Indies on TheIndies.Com and The Indies Network presents

From a small family farm with a father as a musician in Fort Collins Colorado, SHEL is a band of four sisters and the acronym for their names: Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.  They are wonderfully organic musicians, songwriters and vocalists with a special purity that is authentic with skills well honed.  Each of them on their own are creative powerhouses in their own right. GC

SHEL - Stained (Live TV Performance)

Connect direct with SHEL at SHELmusic.Com, Facebook.Com/ILoveSHELMusic, Instagram.com/iloveshelmusic and Twitter.com/iloveshelmusic

This post was created on October 5, 2012 with subsequent edits and mobile friendly updates.

More from The Dø - Filmed Live in Studio

Posted the tasty song from the France based duo known as The Dø two posts below this one. That was their official video to their studio recording of The Wicked & The Blind.

Now here is a live version of that same song that is recorded quite well, with the video production being top notch. It's one of those great live videos that trumps even a great studio recording. The sound is ethereal, exciting and unique all at the same time. The Dø has that "it" thing performing live :) One of the great indies of today.

Connect direct with The Dø at TheDoMusic.Com, Facebook.com/thedoband, Instagram.com/thedoband and Twitter.com/thedoband

Lance Lopez - A Real Badass Independent Rocker

One of the baddest of the badasses of hard edged Stevie Ray Vaughn/ZZ Top/Hendrix inspired guitarists, Lopez just put of this recent track below

Lance Lopez - Tell The Truth

Below is a mixture of Lopez' earlier work.

The first recording below features: Lance Lopez - Guitars/Vox, John Garvin - Drums, Daniel Williams - Bass. Recorded at the Dallas Sound Lab in August 2003
Engineered by Don Moore - Produced by Lance Lopez and Eric Gales
Lance Lopez - Didja (Studio Version)

Lance Lopez - Every Dog Has It's Day

Lance Lopez - Skank (Studio Recording)

Above recording features Lance Lopez - Guitars***Jamil Byrom - Drums***Wes Stevenson - Bass. Produced by Lance Lopez ***Engineered by Don Moore. Recorded at Bass Propulsion Laboratories - Dallas,Tx additional overdubs and Mixing at Soundcrafter Ranch - Wylie,Tx. August-October 2005


Mixed by PETE MATTHEWS & JIM GAINES - Mastered by BRAD BLACKWELL - Euphonics Masters, Memphis

Lance Lopez - El Paso Sugar (live at WDR Rockpalast)

Connect Direct with Lance Lopez at https://www.facebook.com/LanceLopezBand

The Dø - The Wicked & The Blind

The Indies is pleased to present more music with that "it" thing. This is a great band known as The Dø and their music video to the song titled The Wicked & The Blind from their album titled Both Ways Open Jaws. Enjoy!

The Dø - The Wicked & The Blind

Connect direct with The Dø at TheDoMusic.Com, Facebook.com/thedoband, Instagram.com/thedoband and Twitter.com/thedoband


Singing Bear - Believe

TheIndies.Con presents Singing Bear and the video to the song Believe

Love this positive force song! Enjoy! GC

Singing Bear - Believe

Connect direct with Singing Bear at singingbearmusic.com

Never get tired of Avery*Sunshine

A classic video clip of Avery*Sunshine when she was working out her song titled I've Got Sunshine before it was recorded in the studio and eventually gained some attention. Was recently at a international 5 star hotel that has her playing on their loop and was pleasantly surprised to hear the studio version of this song on the FM radio long after it was released. A artist and a song with legs, as they say. Staying power!

This is a simple one or two mic recording in a rehearsal room with her background singers as they were figuring out the flow and tightening up the song before hitting the studio to lay it down for real. But this IS real too. Shot on a camcorder, it captures true true essence of Ms. Sunshine: Her songwriting process, her soul and her true indie spirit. Ahhhmazing stuff! GC

Connect direct with Avery Sunshine at AverySunshine

Gaby Moreno to perform at Largo in Los Angeles - Tuesday September 4, 2012

Super Indie, Gaby Moreno, is playing Cafe Largo in Los Angeles on Tuesday September 4, 2012. The show is to celebrate her latest record titled Postales. Although Postales is a record made entirely en Espanol, Gaby will perform a variety of English and Spanish songs at Largo.

Buy Your Ticket Here: http://largo.laughstub.com/show.cfm?id=180526

Fatoumata Diawara

Heard about this through the great fabulous Nneka :)

The song is titled Sowa by the artist Fatoumata Diawara. In love with this song and have played it everyday lately. Enjoy! GC

Upcoming Indie Film: Craigslist Joe

This trailer for the upcoming indie film, Craigslist Joe, grabbed my attention this morning. The film which is set for release August 2, 2012, is clever, interesting and funny enough to get me out to the movie theatre.

Film Trailer for Craigslist Joe

Cree Summer

One of those great timeless songs that never really got heard, yet, by one of those extraordinary talents who is still a little bit too obscure. Cree Summer is badass. This video is more than a video.... it's work of art. Enjoy! GC

Cree Summer - Savior Self

Follow Cree Summer on Twitter at Twitter.com/IAmCreeSummerhttps://twitter.com/IAmCreeSummer

Radio Radio - Guess What?

The Indies presents the music of Radio Radio

They sing and rap in French and English. At first I assumed that this act off the Bonsound imprint called Radio Radio was out of Europe, but it turns out they are Canadian.

The beat at the beginning of this first track, below, bored me from the get go and I just about clicked to another song. But then the lyrics start: "She makes more money than me, she drives a better car than me... I eye ... just wanna cry eye". This song made me laugh many times and served as long overdue morning laugh therapy. As I heard more of this unique and interesting project, the music really grew on me. And so did the seriously excellent film making. Enjoy. GC

Radio Radio - Guess What?

The above video, Guess What?, was directed by the talented director of photography, Jonathan Bensimon. It was produced by Cherie Sinclair/Sarah Siddons/The Field. The colorist/SR. Flame was Daniel J. Kelly and JR. Flame was Nicolas Pellicelli. The Editor was Geoff Ashenhurst. Post Production by Motor/Flame Artist with Post Producer Catherine St-Hilaire.

This next track is strange... Feels like some sort of suspended reality, like being put to sleep on drugs in the hospital. The video is strange... Strange is good. I like it.

Radio Radio: Galope

The above video, Galope, was directed by Arnaud Brisebois. The Producer was Josh Usheroff of Black Box Productions Ltd. The Cinematographer was Jonathan Decoste. 1st Assistant director was Aurélie Bernos. Art director was Gregory Nowak. The stylist was Sydney Krause. Make up was Amélie Bruneau Longpré. The hair stylist was Martin Alarie. The editor was Elisabeth Olga Tremblay. Post-production by Mokko Studio. The colorist was Thomas Halle. Great work to all!

Here is another track that made me realize that Radio Radio takes their music videos seriously through excellent cinematography.

Radio Radio - Dekshoo (Penny Loafer)

Dekshoo was Directed by Jérémie Saindon, produced by Sach Baylin-Stern, Antler Films, Dir of Photography (DP) Christophe Colette, Dir of Prod. Josh Usheroff, Fashion Dang Trinh, Editor Sébastien Delporte, Make up: Jennifer Dionne
Post Production: Vision Globale

This next video is far out and the track itself is great, even though I have no idea what they are saying in French, yet. I'm digging the groove and the flow of the rap.

Radio Radio - Cargué dans ma chaise

The above video was directed by Gabriel Allard Gagnon and the director of photography was Iouri Philippe Paillé. The artistic director was Stéphanie L'Allier. Editing and post production by David Valiquette with graphic design by Noémie Darveau Gabriel Allard. Mettant en vedette le shaman Tiburcio Kan May. Production by Ménaïc Raoul. Executive producer was David Valiquette and director of production was Dominique Duneton of Yucatan Productions.

Connect direct with Radio Radio at LaRadioRadio.Com

The photo by Mamoru Kobayakawa atop the page is Radio Radio on the cover of Voir journal.

The Mowgli's

When thinking of San Francisco, some think of Bill Graham days, or modern day things like the band Train which emerged from there. Now there is The Mowgli's with their song titled San Francisco. Thanks to Ryan for the tip.... can't remember Ryan's last name... darned beerzheimers.

Connect direct with The Mowgli's at themowglis.bandcamp.com



The artist out of Spain known as Bigott might know how to push some people's buttons with song titles like "God Is Gay" and songs like Cannibal Dinner, espcially after the lunatic man ate off the face of the homeless man in Miami, Florida.

Bigott - God is Gay

Bigott - Cannibal Dinner

Connect direct with Bigott at bigott.es

Democracy Now! - The Ultimate Indie

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

As I listen to Democracy Now! I am always amazed by their real organic depth. Run out of a old historic firehouse in New York City, this hard hitting real news show connects with sources and voices on the ground, around the world including some of the hottest burning war zones in the world. And, on the streets of their own neighborhood, they devoted much time today to the problem of stop & frisk stops in New York. Even if you don't live in New York, one realizes that America is a place where racial profiling not only exists, but is the norm where the Mayor thinks it's something to be proud of. Are we really free under these conditions? Should we, the people, tolerate such a police state? Democracy Now! thinks not and it fights the fight through exposing voices of reason and action.

They spent a big part of today covering the so called "War on Drugs" with a long speech by a activist that broke down the realities of what the "war on drugs" really is and how it's tied to mass incarceration and the prison business, which became a growth industry.

If you believe in real freedom, true peace, equality and justice for the downtrodden, you'll love watching or listening to Democracy Now!

In my particular case, I admire and cherish Democracy Now! for it's pro peace, anti-police state stance. Sure, they lean in a certain direction when they dig for sources, the opposite direction of the mainstream media, but they dig for the truth and I consider them to be trustworthy on these issues.

On certain issues, such as immigration, Democracy Now! stands solid with those who are considered "illegal" by many. And so I may not lean with the way Democracy Now! leans on issues such as illegal immigration, however, they share voices of real people who are victims. And, when I consider how flawed U.S. Government policy is in terms of actually protecting our boarders, vs. policing boarders of countries in far away lands, instead of focusing on our's here at home, I must say, hearing the other side that Democracy Now! has become a valuable tool in evaluating the side of the news that is rarely, if ever reported.

Democracy Now! airs Monday - Friday at 9AM Eastern Time/6AM Pacific Time and is posted online shortly afterward and all shows are archived and easy to view, going back years. To find a TV or radio station that airs Democracy Now! or to view the daily one hour stream and archives, visit DemocracyNow.Org

Some more from Ruby Jane

Some more from the young authentic Americana artist with that "it" thing.: Ruby Jane (aka Ruby Jane Smith)

Ruby Jane - This Song

Ruby Jane - Summertime


Princess Chelsea - The Cigarette Duet

Came across the song below by a artist known as Princess Chelsea, signed to a true indie label out of New Zealand known as Lil' Chief Records. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

300 Vinyl copies of the above track have been made available..

Connect direct with Princess Chelsea at Facebook.com/WonderfulPrincessChelsea

Chelsea posted to FB a cool video of one of her label mates at Lil' Chief Records.

The Eversons - Could It Ever Get Better?


Avi Buffalo - What's In It For? (Music Video)

TheIndies.Com presents Avi Buffalo and the music video to his song titled What's In It For?

"Avi Buffalo" was written on the back of a receipt from my favorite beer pub. Didn't know what Avi Buffalo was and don't remember why I wrote it down or who told me to do it. It's my handwriting. I call this affliction Beerzheimer's.

It turns out that a Avi Zahner-Isenberg is a recording artist known as Avi Buffalo. Below is his music video to his song titled What's In It For? Enjoy! GC

Avi Buffalo - What's In It For?

Connect direct with Avi Buffalo at Facebook.com/avibuffalomusic and Twitter.com/avibuffalo

Art Brut

Formed A Band! We Formed A Band!

'We're going to be the band that writes the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along'

Connect direct with Art Brut at artbrut.org.uk


Got a note from someone about a project named Unbuttoned. Listened to the tracks on Bandcamp. Wasn't too inspired for some reason, but clicked to their YouTube channel and cranked this song up. Had heard it on bandcamp, but something about hearing it again landed the song here. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Ruler Of The Sun

Connect direct with Unbuttoned at unbuttonedmusic.com


La Yegros

via Buenos Aires, Argentina, La Yegros is making a name for herself around the globe. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Introducing La Yegros

La Yegros - Trocitos de Madera (El Remolon remix)

Connect direct with La Yegros at LaYegros.Com


Ruby Jane

Have been following this very young Americana songwriter, performer and recording artist named Ruby Jane. She has some sort of magic... that "it" thing, even with just herself and her guitar. Like I've written before, she has a sound similar to CocoRosie, but Ruby Jane isn't attempting to emulate anyone. She's an original. Authenticity like this is hard to come by.

This upcoming Saturday, May 12, 2012, Ruby Jane is opening for Sheryl Crow at the Paramount Theater in Austin Texas for the Paramount Theatre's 96th & Stateside's 76th Anniversary Gala. It's sure to be a great sold out show.

Below is the music video to Ruby Jane's song titled Wake Up from her most recent record.

Ruby Jane - Wake Up

The above post was created by Gregory J. Chamberlain on May 8, 2012, with subsequent edits and updates by Mariana L. Villanueva for Indies Network.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman (As displayed in the MOMA, New York)

O Superman (For Massenet) is a 1981 song by experimental performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson which appeared on her album titled Big Science. Part of the larger work United States, "O Superman," a half-sung, half-spoken, almost minimalist piece unexpectedly rose to #2 on the UK Singles Charts in 1981/1982. Prior to the success of this song, Anderson was little known outside the art world.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

Connect direct with Laurie Anderson at LaurieAnderson.com


GABY MORENO - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

One of the greatest international indie artists out there, here is Gaby Moreno and a live performance of Quizás, Quizás, Quizás. Enjoy! GC

Gaby Moreno - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com, Facebook.com/gabymorenoband, Twitter.com/gaby_moreno, and on Instagram.com/gaby_moreno

***Gaby Moreno update: Since this post was originally posted in May of 2012, Gaby has transcended beyond "indie" status when she was signed to Metamorfosis‎ Records in March of 2012. In November, 2013, Gaby won the Latin Grammy in the category for Best New Artist, something The Indies & Family had proclaimed several times prior to that as far back as 2006 :)

See the video to a song from Gaby's latest 2014 Christmas Album:

Enjoy these additional Gaby Moreno performances, filmed live with excellence:

Gaby Moreno performing live in Paris

Gaby Moreno performs on Treble Clef Live :)

Gaby Moreno plays songs from her Illustrated Songs album, live.

Coco Sumner - Bohemian Love

(UPDATE November 2014 - Since this article first appeared in April 2012, the artist featured below is now known as Eliot Sumner)

TheIndies.Com presents Eliot Sumner

Here is a tasty acoustic performance by Coco Sumner (I Blame Coco) of the song Bohemian Love. Enjoy! - GC

Coco Sumner - Bohemian Love

I Blame Coco - In Spirit Golden

I Blame Coco - Caesar (featuring Robyn)

And, here is a song that might remind Police fans of her father, Sting.

I Blame Coco - Selfmachine

Connect direct with Eliot Sumner at eliotsumner.com

Arias, Arno Cost & Michael Feiner - The Days to Come

Great track and fantastic video out of France :) One comment from a viewer on YouTube said: "I want my future son to be this badass." Enjoy! GC


Ransley (Music Videos)

The-Indies presents several music videos from the Irish artist known as Ransley

Ransley is a solo music artist based in Ireland. The-Indies is proud to present Ransley's music videos to his debut album titled Seventh Generation.

Ransley - Losing Loadum

Ransley - Nurtured Nature

Ransley - Daredevil Heroine

Ransley - Second Generation

Ransley - The Marquis's Face

Ransley - Broad Street

Ransley - Flick Switch

Ransley - Memorandum

Ransley - Sep Seve

Ransley - Collapse

Ransley- In Orbit

Connect direct with Ransley at Facebook.com/Ransley-118220001599225, itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ransley/id555087737 and store.cdbaby.com/cd/ransley

Björk - As indie as it gets!

No matter which major has the privilege of exploiting her success, Björk is as unique and indie as it gets! Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Björk - Moon

Björk - Unravel

Björk - Hunter

Björk - It's In Our Hands

Connect direct with Björk at Bjork.com.Com

Erik Truffaz Quartet

Digging the jazz fusion sounds of the Erik Truffaz Quartet. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Erik Truffaz Quartet - Akiko

Connect direct with Erik Truffaz at ErikTruffaz.Com

On the songwriting process with Train's Pat Monahan

It might be hard to think of Train, the internationally famous band, as indie. However, if you knew them when they were very much a indie band, you still might think they are. When the band was young, it traveled the U.S. in a van and built a following the old fashioned way, before the Internet was what it became. Train is a group that went from indie to major the hard way, the real way.

Lead singer and songwriter Pat Monahan of Train has his own way of delivering great lines such as "... should have spent less time making loot and spent more time in my birthday suit with you.." Train is making video blogs leading to their upcoming album due out mid April 2012. This are two of them that give fans a glimpse into Train's world. Enjoy!
Peace Love Groove, GC

California 37 Studio Session #1 - "This'll Be My Year"

California 37 Studio Session #2 - "You Can Finally Meet My Mom"

Connect direct with Train at SaveMeSanFrancisco.Com

The Indies social network addresses:

The Westbound Rangers - John Henry

Have never been a big bluegrass guy, but love the sound of this group. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

The Westbound Rangers performing "John Henry" at Music City Roots live from the Loveless Cafe

Connect direct with The Westbound Rangers at facebook.com/thewestboundrangers

Levi Weaver - I am Certain I am a Train

Connect direct with Levi Weaver at LeviWeaver.Com

Clock Opera Debut ‘Clock Operation’ Track

Got tipped off by a favorite music project known as UNKLE, who participated in the Clock Operation track below. For the full story on the Clock Opera Debut ‘Clock Operation’ Track, visit the DIY Magazine story. Enjoy! - Peace Love Groove, GC

Connect direct with Clock Opera at ClockOpera.Com

Ikira Baru

Loving the true grassroots indie DIY artist Ikira Baru and her latest recording and video from her Latin Heritage project. The song was originally composed by Spanish singer/songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat, published for the first time in 1971 in his album titled Mediterranean. Ikira, who is from the Colombian city of Barranquilla, has the rare natural beauty of a princess and the remarkable voice of a songbird that might take you far away. I'm in love. GC

Ikira Baru - Those Little Things (in Spanish: Aquellas Pequeñas Cosas)

Here is a 1974 live recording of by the original composer.
Joan Manuel Serrat - Aquellas Pequeñas Cosas

Connect direct with Ikira Barú at Facebook.com/IkiraBaru

Joan Manuel Serrat is still at it. Connect direct at jmserrat.com


Joel Eckels and The Wreckards

Have been following Joel Eckels since I first saw him perform with Paper Sun. He also plays out by himself often and also has a tasty band known as The Wreckards. Here are some tracks from a upcoming record titled What's To Come. - Enjoy! - Peace Love Groove, GC

Connect direct with Joel Eckels & The Wreckards at TheWreckards.Com

Allen Stone - Live From His Mother's Living Room


Stone grew up singing in big church choirs and in one interview he describes his early influences were Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Mary Mary. One may hear hints of Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and definitely some Stevie Wonder influence.

This first song here was beautifully filmed and recorded by an excellent crew in his mother's living room. Enjoy! GC

Allen Stone - Unaware (live from his mother's living room)

Here is a great live performance and interview at one of the greatest indie stations on the planet, KEXP-FM. Stone performs five songs: What I've Seen at 0:38, Contact High at 3:22, Interview at 6:27, Unaware at 14:00, and Satisfaction at 20:00.

Connect direct with Allen Stone at AllenStone.Com

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Five Great Guitars

Since I first heard him, have been following the inspired world music songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and record artist Habib Koité who is from the Republic of Mali. He is a guest artist on a project out of the Netherlands known as The Five Great Guitars. Hope you enjoy these fantastic tracks below. - Peace Love Groove, GC




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Lance Lopez - totally smoking Texas bluesman

I first blogged about Lance Lopez back in August 2007 on MusicLoad. Lopez is a great hard rock blues player, with that trademark Texas blues guitar sound in the vein of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Been following Lopez on his Facebook page where he just posted his track entitled Dream Away. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Lance Lopez - Dream Away

Track above from the album HANDMADE MUSIC (MIG Music/String Commander)
Written by Lance Lopez & Eric Scortia 0 - Produced by JIM GAINES
Lance Lopez - Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Lead & Backing Vocals
Eric "Scorch" Scortia - Hammond B3 Organ, Chris Gipson - Bass/Backing Vocals, Jimmy Dereta - Drums Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN. & Bessy Blue Studios, Stantonville, TN.

The first time I heard Lopez, I was turned on by his track entitled Didja. It still rocks :) Enjoy!

Lance Lopez - Didja (Studio Version)

The above recording features: Lance Lopez - Guitars/Vox, John Garvin - Drums, Daniel Williams - Bass. Recorded at the Dallas Sound Lab in August 2003
Engineered by Don Moore - Produced by Lance Lopez and Eric Gales

Lance Lopez - Skank (Studio Recording)

Above recording features Lance Lopez - Guitars***Jamil Byrom - Drums***Wes Stevenson - Bass. Produced by Lance Lopez ***Engineered by Don Moore. Recorded at Bass Propulsion Laboratories - Dallas,Tx additional overdubs and Mixing at Soundcrafter Ranch - Wylie,Tx. August-October 2005


Mixed by PETE MATTHEWS & JIM GAINES - Mastered by BRAD BLACKWELL - Euphonics Masters, Memphis

Lance Lopez - Didja (live)

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Lisa Hannigan

Came across some great concert footage recently by a Irish gent named Myles O'Reilly. He is filming some artists, many who are new to me and quite excellent. He is high up there in the quality department. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove - GC

Lisa Hannigan - Lille (Live at Gleebe Gardens in Cork, Ireland)
description via Myles O'Reilly's YouTube page: "One cam, one song, one take and a few hundred people. Lisa Hannigan performs 'Lille' at Gleebe Gardens in Baltimore, West Cork. Filmed by Myles O'Reilly. Shot with Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens on a Canon 7D"

Lisa Hannigan - Passenger
Making of Passenger documentary. Shot by Myles O'Reilly and Simon O'Neill

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VHS or Beta

TheIndies.Com presents the music videos of VHS or Beta

VHS or Beta is great band with tight songs and whoop ass videos. GC

Single titled Breaking Bones from 2012 album titled Diamonds and Death

Director: Graham Hill
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Makeup Artist: Claudia Lake
Stylist: Devan Markiewicz
Design: Andrew Bernet, Graham Hill
Animation: Daniel Pernikoff, Ben Gabelman
Colorist: Seth Ricart
Female Lead: Alexandra Hellquist
Male Lead: Priest Fontaine
Based on an original concept by Pixelfucks
Single entitled You Got Me from 2008 album titled Night On Fire

Title track of 2008 album: Night On Fire

Connect direct with VHS or Beta at Facebook.com/VHS-OR-BETA-11251675980 and on Twitter.com/vhsorbeta

Sophie Ballamy - My Friend, The Moon (live balcony performance)

The Indies presents Sophie Bellamy and a live performance of her song titled My Friend, The Moon

The video below features a super sweet sounding artist from the United Kingdom named Sophie Ballamy. This is a live recording from her balcony of her song titled My Friend, The Moon. Enjoy! - GC

Sophie Ballamy - My Friend, The Moon (live balcony performance)

Connect direct with Sophie Ballamy at Facebook.com/SophieBallamyMusic and Twitter.Com/SophieBallamy

Since this post was originally created, Sophie Ballamy has joined a new band called KidSmoke. Visit their website at this link: kidsmokemusic.bandcamp.com

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Came across this cool, made in mid 2009, raw video of the Icelandic musician and singer known as Mugison, while he was on his 5 boroughs in 1 day tour performing his song entitled I Want You. The performance was filmed live by film maker Scott Fine inside the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island, New York, in front of a small group.

Connect direct with Mugison at Mugison.com