St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy (Music Video)

French band St.Lô, music video Flight & Fantasy, The Indies at TheIndies.Com presentation

The Indies is pleased to present the a very unique independent band from France known as St.Lô. The band conists of singer Miz Walidah and bandmates, docMau, iOta and Ton’s.

St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy

Watch a live concert performance of St.Lô performing In The Pines at the Trans Musicales festival, here:

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St.Lô - Flight & Fantasy - Music Video Production Credits
Production Company: Duck Factory
Producer: Jerome Bernard
Directors: Jerome Bernard and Clément Mori
Director of Photography: Christophe Guyon
Steadicam: Guillaume Quilichini
Art director: Jean-Philippe Le Guen
First Assistant Camera: Maxime Beauquesne
Gaffer: Amida Belgharbi
Lighting technician: Damien Lejosne
Key grip: Fabrice Pucel
Set Decorators: Brice Martenet & Lucas Morice
Les Oeils Décoration: Boris Abalain, Simon Le Lagadec, Manu Konlein, Julie Mereau, Charly Cann
Motion design: Clément Morin
Location manager: Vincent Drocourt
Extras: Simon Le Lagadec - Marina Wa - Delphine Km, Nathalie Morere, Gu, Ga, Manu Konlein and Marion Goffoz

This post was created on December 7, 2017 by Greg Chamberlain and Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network.

Mike Bauer - Mother of Exiles (Music Video)

Mike Bauer music video for song Mother of Exiles on The Indies at TheIndies.Com

The Indies is not featuring this music video to celebrate a particular political position. Our team is often split down the middle on a great many political, humanitarian and social issues. GC is is for one thing, I like it a different way and our friends and associates are often split as well. We get along great, regardless, because we respect each other's opinion enough to listen and consider our unique lives that got us where we each are.

The post of this music video is a celebration of a very talented recording artist who used his art to attempt to put forth his idea in a different light than other people may see it.

With that said, The Indies is proud to present an exceptional independent recording artist with a dynamic voice named Matt Bauer. This music video to his song titled Mother of Exiles was co-written by Adam Berg. The video was directed by Brian Kim. Enjoy! MLV

See one more music video by Mark Bauer on our network at The Quiet Storm at this link:

The artist states that download sales proceeds will be donated to assist with the Syrian Refugee crisis. Buy download on iTunes here:

Connect direct with Mike Bauer at,, and

Connect direct with Adam Berg at and 

Music Credits:
Vocals: Mike Bauer
Guest Vocals: Courtney Lemmon, Gina Matthews, Richard "Rico" Yeh, Hope Leigh Rollins, and Kenneth Chang.
Guitar: Joel Van Dijk
Publisher: Awayan Music
Artwork by: Louis Tanguay and Circle Marketing