Jade Novah - Intuition and All Blue (Music Videos)

The Indies music videos by Jade Novah for her songs titled Intuition and All Blue.

The Indies is pleased to present Jade Novah, a rising independent recording artist whose full-length debut album titled All Blue was released today (July 13, 2018) through the indie record label Let There Be Art in association with the indie music distributor, EMPIRE.

The first music video below is titled Intuition, followed by the music video for her album's title track titled All Blue.

Press play once, go full screen and the videos will automatically play back to back followed by hours of non-stop music videos. Enjoy!

Jade Novah - Intuition

Jade Novah - All Blue

Connect direct with Jade Novah at JadeNovah.Com, Twitter.com/JadeNovah, Instagram.com/jadenovah, Facebook.com/JadeNovah and Soundcloud.com/jadenovah

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Everything We Do Is Out (Music Video)

The Indies music video by Matthew Logan Vasquez for his song titled Everything We Do Is Out from his EP titled Austin

The Indies Music TV is pleased to present Matthew Logan Vasquez and the music video to his song titled Everything We Do Is Out from his EP titled Austin.

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Everything We Do Is Out

Connect direct with Matthew Logan Vasquez at matthewloganvasquez.com, facebook.com/matthewloganvasquez and instagram.com/matthewloganvasquez

Anna Leone - My Soul I (Music Video)

The Indies Music TV music video of Anna Leone song titled My Soul I directed by Victoria Lafaurie and Hector Albouker

The Indies Music TV is pleased to present a stunning debut song and music video by the emerging recording artist named Anna Leone. She is from Stockholm, Sweden and signed to AllPoints, a London and Paris based independent record label with 13 acts.

Track #1 from her debut five song EP titled Wandered Away is a beautiful love song in the form of a ballad titled My Soul I. The music video for My Soul I starts off at a distance and sneaks closer and sucks you inside the artist's soul where you'll hopefully forget everything. The fabulous talent behind the filmed part are directors Victoria Lafaurie and Hector Albouker, with production by Slowdance.

Anna Leone - My Soul I

Connect direct with Anna Leone at annaleone-music.com, facebook.com/annaleonemusic, Instagram.com/annaleonemusic and twitter.com/annaleonemusic

Connect direct with AllPoints Records at allpointsmusic.fr, facebook.com/allpointsmusic, twitter.com/allpointsmusic, instagram.com/allpointsmusic and soundcloud.com/allpointsmusic

Cary Morin - Cradle To The Grave (Music Video)

The Indies music video by Cary Morin for the song Cradle To The Grave on TheIndies.Com

Cary Morin is a Native American blues artist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a all around tasty singer, songwriter and recording artist with a unique fingerstyle guitar sound and a distinctive singing voice that sets him apart.

He has earned many accolades, his most recent in March 2018, when his album titled Cradle To The Grave won the 2018 Independent Music Awards catagory for Best Blues Album.

The Indies is proud to present the beautifully shot music video for the title track to Cary Morin's album, directed by Blake Miller of CSI Films and filmed in the Northern Colorado Redfeather Lakes Region. Enjoy! GC

Cary Morin - Cradle To The Grave

Connect direct with Cary Morin at CaryMorin.Com, Facebook.com/CaryMorinBlues, Twitter.com/carymorin, store.cdbaby.com/cd/carymorin and reverbnation.com/carymorin

The album was recorded by Rich Werdes at Studio Underground in Ft. Collins, Colorado and was mixed and mastered by James Tuttle of Subtle Sound in Boulder, Colorado.

Connect direct with the music video director, Blake Miller, at csifilms.com 

The cabin in the above music video is on the property of Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch at beavermeadows.com

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Janelle Loes - Stranger and Always on My Mind (Music Videos)

The Indies Music TV presents Janelle Loes and her music videos for Stranger and a Elvis Presley cover of Always on My Mind

The Indies is pleased to present a fine up and coming songwriter, performer and recording artist named Janelle Loes.

In this first performance below, she plays guitar and sings her own original song titled Stranger with her angelic voice. It was recorded and filmed live at 3 Leaf Recording Studio.

Janelle Loes - Stranger

This next music video below is a cover of the classic song titled Always On My Mind written by Wayne Carson, Johnny Christopher and Mark James that was made very famous by Elvis Presley, followed by many other greats.

Janelle Loes - Always on My Mind

Connect direct with Janelle Loes at JanelleLoes.com, Facebook.com/janelleloesmusic, Twitter.com/JanelleLoes and Instagram.com/janelleloes

Connect direct with 3 Leaf Recording Studio at 3-leaf.com, Facebook.com/3leafrecording and  Twitter.com/3leafrecording

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Callista Clark - Billy Jean + PYT (Michael Jackson Covers)

TheIndies.Com featuring Callista Clark covering Michael Jackson's Billy Jean and PTY. Photo by Eric Ison

The Indies is not traditionally a place that celebrates cover songs, however, every once in a while that rule is broken for something very special such as with this emerging 14 year old female guitarist and singer from Georgia named Callista Clark.

In these two different one shot music videos featured below, her guitar skills and the uncontrived genuine soul of her vocals are excellent as she covers two Michael Jackson songs: Billy Jean and PTY. Enjoy!

Callista Clark - Billy Jean (Michael Jackson Cover - Acoustic Funk)

Callista Clark - PYT (Michael Jackson cover)

Connect direct with Callista Clark at Facebook.com/CallistaClarkMusic, Instagram.com/CallistaClarkMusic, Twitter.Com/CallistaClark and YouTube.com/callistaclarkmusic

Photo of Callista Clark at the top of this post by Erin Ison at Facebook.com/photographyevergreen

Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls - Slave Dog (Music Video)

Junior Pereira filmed music video of Slave Dog by Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls presented by The Indies

Filmed by Junior Pereira, this music video below is to the song by Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls titled Slave Dog. Burt Byler's Twitter page description states: "Carefree Mississippi folk singer turns protester."

More music videos by the group may follow on this network, starting with this earliest music video by the group. Enjoy!

Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls - Slave Dog

Connect direct with Burt Byler & the Bearded Souls at BurtByler.comFacebook.Com/BurtByler, Instagram.com/burtbyler, burtbyler.bandcamp.com, Soundcloud.Com/BurtByler and Twitter.com/burtbyler

Connect direct with Junior Pereira Twitter.com/juniorpereiratv, Vimeo.com/juniorpereira, Facebook.com/juniorandpereira

Photo at top of this post by Gloria Byler @ Facebook.com/gloriabylerphotography and Instagram.com/gloriabyler