"Royals" by Lorde covered by Hannah Holbrook, Ayo Awosika and The Arrow & The Bow

TheIndies.Com presents Hannah Holbrook | Ayo Awosika | The Arrow & The Bow

If you know and like SHEL, a stellar group of four sisters who has been featured here and here on The Indies before, you will enjoy what Hannah Holbrook (The H of SHEL) recorded with some of her friends with this cover song by Lorde titled Royals. Joining Hannah are her friends Ayo Awosika along with Hannah Christianson and Hillary Reynolds of a duo known as The Arrow & The Bow.

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Catch Hannah Holbrook, Ayo Awosika, and The Arrow & The Bow in concert Dec 3rd - 7th in Newton Square PA, Hudson NY, ONLINE EVERYWHERE, NYC, and Boston.

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Draze - The Hood Ain't The Same

The Indies presents the music video to the song by Draze titled The Hood Ain't The Same.

Today (November 7, 2014) Macklemore tweeted:
The Indies is proud to present a song where the groove is infectious and the photography is brilliant. What Draze raps about seems to be a sign of the times. This isn't some left against right thing. It's the story that so many across America rightfully claim as some on Wall Street have been bailed out at the expense of Main Streets that have become more like Mean Streets of change through gentrification by those propped up by yet another bubble driven by artificially low interest rates and a big flow of cash into the hands of those who should have been forced into bankruptcy when the last bubble popped. This re-pump of the many U.S. economic bubbles has displaced a great many people that hardly anyone talks about. Some call it progress while others like Draze call it something else. I sympathize with his rap. GC

Draze - The Hood Ain't The Same

Connect direct with Draze at thedrazeexperience.com, facebook.com/thedrazeexperience, twitter.com/DrazeExperience and at soundcloud.com/thedrazeexperience

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The latest from Alexz Johnson

TheIndies.Com presents independent musician Alexz Johnson

Last time The Indies featured Alexz Johnson was March 2013 (visit that post) and we were impressed by her not only for her music, but for her way of approaching the business. Fast forward to today, she's recently been talked about in the Wall Street Journal of all places (see article here), and has a fresh video to the tasty title track of her latest album titled Let 'Em Eat Cake which is featured below.  Enjoy! GC

Alexz Johnson - Let 'Em Eat Cake

Connect direct with Alexz Johnson at AlexzJohnson.Com, Facebook.com/pg/alexzjohnsonofficial, Instagram.com/alexzjohnsonofficial and Twitter.com/alexzjohnson