Jackie Bristow - Whistle Blowin' - Live

TheIndies.Com presents Jackie Bristow and her song titled Whitle Blowin', live in concert

Just below is a very tasty filmed live performance featuring the independent New Zealand recording artist named Jackie Bristow and her original song titled Whistle Blowin'. It sounds like a real country hit. There is strength, depth and a certain stillness that comes from artists like this one who have so diligently honed their craft.

Last February we featured the studio version and the official music video to Whistle Blowin' on our sister site MusicLoad. (Click here to see that). The song is track #1 on her most recent album titled Shot of Gold.

In this live video, she is backed by Mark Punch on electric guitar, Nick Gaffaney on percussion and Alison Wunderland on bass. Enjoy! GC 

Jackie Bristow - Whistle Blowin' - Live

Jackie Bristow is in the midst of a tour in the U.S. and recently booked some opening dates in New Zealand with Bonnie Raitt. Click here for her tour schedule.

Connect direct with Jackie Bristow at JackieBristow.Com, at Facebook.com/JackieBristowMusic, at Twitter.Com/JackieBristow, at Instagram.Com/JackieBristow, and Soundcloud.Com/JackieBristow

Kudos for a videography and audio recording job well done, by Blue Moon Onstage Productions.

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Courtney Barnett (Music Videos from her Debut Album)

The Indies music videos from the debut album of Courtney Barnett

A collaboration of indie labels and assorted gurus including but not limited to Milk! Records, House Anxiety, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop has worked hard for a real deal Australian indie artist named Courtney Barnett who has great pop songs with some excellent music videos.

Her debut album released last year titled “Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit”,  had a strong initial reception in the indie marketplace and still has strong legs. Just below, in reverse order of their release date, are all of the music videos associated with her debut album. Enjoy! GC

Courtney Barnett - Elevator Operator

Courtney Barnett - Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party

Courtney Barnett - Dead Fox

Courtney Barnett - Depreston

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best

Connect direct with Courtney Barnett at courtneybarnett.com.au, Facebook.com/courtneybarnettmusic, Instagram.com/COURTNEYMELBA and Twitter.com/courtneymelba

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The Secret Things

TheIndies.Com presents the debut song and music video from The Secret Things

A new LA rock trio known as The Secret Things has made it's recent debut with the release of the song and music video below.

The group consists of Steve Giles on bass, Dan Nelles on drums and Cynthia Catania on guitar and lead vocals. We know Giles and Catania from an act they play in together called Saucy Monky that is presently on Hiatus as a key Saucy member Annmarie Cullen is presently living in Spain. 

The Secret Things has a gig at Boardners at 1725 N. Cherokee Avenue in Hollywood California on August 18, 2016 at 9PM.

The Secret Things - All The Way Down

Connect direct with The Secret Things at TheSecretThings.Com

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Trixie Whitley - Closer (Music Video)

TheIndies.Com presents Trixie Whitley's music video to her song titled Closer from her Porta Bohemica album

A long time favorite on this site and other Indies Network sites is Strong Blood Records recording artist Trixie Whitley. The video below is to her song titled Closer from her latest album titled Porta Bohemica. The video was directed by Anders Malmberg. Enjoy! GC

Trixie Whitley - Closer

Connect direct with Trixie Whitley at TrixieWhitley.Com, Facebook.com/trixiewhitley, Instagram.com/trixie_whitley and Twitter.com/trixie_whitley

Buy Trixie's music and swag direct from her at trixiewhitley.kungfustore.com


See other Trixie Whitley music videos at the following links below from our network sites:

Videos to songs that include Breathe You In My Dreams, Need Your Love and Silent Rebel (Part 2)

Videos to Trixie's songs: A Thousand Thieves, Pieces, Fourth Corner, Undress Your Name and Danger Mind plus a "on the road" video ;)

Trixie Whitley with Daniel Lanois & Black Dub performing several great songs :)

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Rob Hotchkiss

TheIndies.Com presents Rob Hotckiss

Rob Hotchkiss is a champion songwriter and recording artist with a knack for consistently writing and performing songs with a timeless quality.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's he was in a great young rock band known as The Apostles. After a long run of hard knocks and an eventual recording contract and release with JVC Records, the group was phased out without any hits under it's belt. Three members of The Apostles, which included Rob Hotchkiss, became founding members of Train, which became the Grammy Award winning rock act when songs by Hotchkiss became certified platinum hits. It was a long hard winding road to the top.

After there was "enough" so called success for Hotchkiss, there came a point when he decided to drop out of Train's fast lane drama-laden pace. He had musical and personal differences with other members of the group. That must have been a tragic loss for the group, which was so deeply rooted in a sound that Hotchkiss had been crafting since his teens, long before Train came to fruition.

Now, after a long hiatus from the music business, Hotchkiss is back out performing and recently performed an outstanding intimate shows at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood. It was instantly apparent by the quality of his new original songs that Hotchkiss still has that "it" thing with his innate ability to cast a spell very well intact.

I first saw Rob Hotchkiss perform at several lunch time concerts when we attended the same high school and he was more solid and professional than most others who were leading bands. He had a special charisma that was very understated.

Years later, we met and I got the privilege of booking and promoting shows for the band at venues such as China Club and The Roxy in Hollywood which led to a short stint as the band's manager. I learned then about what Hotchkiss still exudes now. He knows what he wants and that is success. It's not about hype or bling or living like a rock star. It's about happiness, being around nice stable ego-free people, a smooth work flow, with the strength and ability to walk away when things aren't living up to that. A big part of success to Rob Hotchkiss is staying down to earth and keeping it humble and gravitating toward and attracting the same kind of people. Rob Hotchkiss represents a thing that is lacking in much of today's music. He and his music have an organic uncontrived soul. And for all those reasons, this network wishes him much more well deserved future success. GC

Please enjoy the 15 song playlist below. All of the songs are excellent! Especially love Give It Time and Blind Faith.

Connect direct with Rob Hotchkiss at RobHotchkiss.Net


Rosa Pullman

Rosa Pullman and Mitch Grainger
Here is a song from a real deal indie girl musician, songwriter and soul sister named Rosa Pullman. The first time I caught her live many years ago at the Enterprise Fish Company, I just knew she had something special. She did have any music up online back then, but now she does. Here is one of those songs, titled Daydreaming, that captures that essence of what I felt the first time I heard her. Players include Spencer Wright on bass, Matty Alger on drums, Mitch Grainger on electric guitar with Rosa Pullman on vocals and Wurlitzer piano. It was recorded and mixed by Mitch Grainger. Congrats to Rosa and her collaborators, for the song recently made it onto rotation in Starbucks! Hope you enjoy. GC

Rosa Pullman - Daydreaming

Connect direct with Rosa Pullman at Facebook

Connect direct with Mitch Grainger at MitchGrainger.Com

Short Sleeve Heart

The-Indies presents Short Sleeve Heart

Learned about Short Sleeve Heart while listening to opening acts for Train co-founder Rob Hotchkiss who played at The Mint back on Friday January 29 2016. Liked this particular song titled Lone Lee. Hope you do to! GC

Connect direct with Short Sleeve Heart at facebook.com/shortsleeveheart


TheIndies.Com presents the soul songs of Roxy5000

Here is a fiercely independent act that deserves support. It's front man is a hard working artist who has been honing his craft and keeping his dues current for a long time. His name is Roxy Prince. He calls his act Roxy5000. Roxy has a diverse and stellar repertoire that we've been aware of for several years now. We especially like when he taps into his own original soulfulness that is sort of in the vein of old school Boy George/Culture Club. Hope you enjoy these handpicked tracks of Roxy that Mariana and I have picked! GC

Just below is a recent late 2015 recording titled Touch The Sky.

Roxy5000 - Touch The Sky

Just below is a recent 2015 recording titled Sun In My Heart

Roxy5000 - Sun In My Heart

Just below is a recent mid 2015 recording titled I'm No Better

Roxy5000 - I'm No Better

Just below is a mid 2015 recording of an original song written and immediately recorded in one take titled Love Me

Roxy Prince - Love Me

Just below is a love song from August 2012 titled Bringing Me Down

Just below is a 2011 Roxy5000 release titled Never Going Back featuring Terri Walker & Friends

Roxy5000 featuring Terri Waker & Friends - Never Going Back

Just below is Roxy5000 music video video from 2009 that deserves attention. From the page of the artist: "This is "FUNKY PEOPLE" by ROXY5000. ROXY5000'S anti-bullying/racism song! Sometimes we have to stand up and shout out loud and TELL THE HATERS "WE DON'T GIVE A S... WHAT THEY THINK "Let's stand TOGETHER and Fight for the cause and share with your friends. We are all "FUNKY PEOPLE" Positivity needs YOUR SUPPORT! SHARE IT. Big Love ROXY5000 THE BAND.X"

Roxy5000 - Funky People

Connect direct with Roxy5000 at https://www.facebook.com/ROXY5000-THE-BAND-154503825661

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