Who is Esperanza Spalding?

She is not new. She has worked many years in full groove mode. But for those who have missed out on Esperanza Spalding so far, now is the time. Esperanza Spalding has delivered a fresh approach to real jazz, not smooth jazz, but the real thing! And she can and does break style and genre boundaries as if they do not exist.

As a bassist myself, I dig anyone who can sing and play bass simultaneously. But Esperanza is no ordinary singer or bassist. She takes it all to new levels. She is remarkable beyond any word. She is kind and genuine, which makes her all the more desirable to listen to. GC

This particular episode of Austin City Limits featuring Esperanza Spalding is a great show to watch, for this is Esperanza captured beautifully, playing live and showing what she can really do and who she really is.

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