Coco Sumner - Bohemian Love

(UPDATE November 2014 - Since this article first appeared in April 2012, the artist featured below is now known as Eliot Sumner)

TheIndies.Com presents Eliot Sumner

Here is a tasty acoustic performance by Coco Sumner (I Blame Coco) of the song Bohemian Love. Enjoy! - GC

Coco Sumner - Bohemian Love

I Blame Coco - In Spirit Golden

I Blame Coco - Caesar (featuring Robyn)

And, here is a song that might remind Police fans of her father, Sting.

I Blame Coco - Selfmachine

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Arias, Arno Cost & Michael Feiner - The Days to Come

Great track and fantastic video out of France :) One comment from a viewer on YouTube said: "I want my future son to be this badass." Enjoy! GC


Ransley (Music Videos)

The-Indies presents several music videos from the Irish artist known as Ransley

Ransley is a solo music artist based in Ireland. The-Indies is proud to present Ransley's music videos to his debut album titled Seventh Generation.

Ransley - Losing Loadum

Ransley - Nurtured Nature

Ransley - Daredevil Heroine

Ransley - Second Generation

Ransley - The Marquis's Face

Ransley - Broad Street

Ransley - Flick Switch

Ransley - Memorandum

Ransley - Sep Seve

Ransley - Collapse

Ransley- In Orbit

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Björk - As indie as it gets!

No matter which major has the privilege of exploiting her success, Björk is as unique and indie as it gets! Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Björk - Moon

Björk - Unravel

Björk - Hunter

Björk - It's In Our Hands

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Erik Truffaz Quartet

Digging the jazz fusion sounds of the Erik Truffaz Quartet. Enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Erik Truffaz Quartet - Akiko

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On the songwriting process with Train's Pat Monahan

It might be hard to think of Train, the internationally famous band, as indie. However, if you knew them when they were very much a indie band, you still might think they are. When the band was young, it traveled the U.S. in a van and built a following the old fashioned way, before the Internet was what it became. Train is a group that went from indie to major the hard way, the real way.

Lead singer and songwriter Pat Monahan of Train has his own way of delivering great lines such as "... should have spent less time making loot and spent more time in my birthday suit with you.." Train is making video blogs leading to their upcoming album due out mid April 2012. This are two of them that give fans a glimpse into Train's world. Enjoy!
Peace Love Groove, GC

California 37 Studio Session #1 - "This'll Be My Year"

California 37 Studio Session #2 - "You Can Finally Meet My Mom"

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