Came across this cool, made in mid 2009, raw video of the Icelandic musician and singer known as Mugison, while he was on his 5 boroughs in 1 day tour performing his song entitled I Want You. The performance was filmed live by film maker Scott Fine inside the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island, New York, in front of a small group.

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Gaby Moreno w/ Ricardo Arjona - Fuiste tú

Gaby became one of my favorite indie artists out there, since the moment I noticed her in 2006. I've come to admire her greatly since then. She has the right attitude in how she has worked to get her music out there, play lots of shows... she has a consistent vibe, very relaxed. She has integrity. Always making something, working on new songs, playing with new people, traveling to far away places to perform and tour... WOW... She is destined for superstardom on this path she is on, I have a feeling, but superstardom isn't her trip. She is just a lover of blues music, tranquility style life with a solid work to live rather than a live to work ethic. I realize things are not always what they appear to be, but that's the feeling I get from Gaby Moreno. Her Peace of Mind radiates. That's the most important thing one can have, in my humble opinion. That's why I think Gaby Moreno is destined for so much more success than she has already achieved in creating a self-sustaining working band and music career as a recording artist, songwriter other artists, with several film & TV on the music side, collaborator with many and touring artist.

Here is just one more collaboration of Gaby's.

Gaby Moreno on record of Guatemalan recording artist Ricardo Arjona performing Fuiste tú

Hear songs from Gaby's most recent live performances in Paris:

Hear Gaby perform three of her originals from her album titled Illustrated Songs, stripped raw (acoustic):

Hear a live version of Gaby performing Little Sorrow:

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Peace Love Groove,

White Sea

Here is another Little Videos production featuring another tasty LA indie band, White Sea.

Cameras by Elliot Glass & Aaron Davidson
Audio Recorded by Jon Leahy. Mixed by Elliot Glass

White Sea - Cannibal Love

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Count Fleet

Came across music video producer Elliot Glass on YouTube a while back and immediately loved his films of LA indie bands shot in what seems to be various living rooms. He has amassed many of great recordings. His crews at his company, Little Videos, records the sound beautifully and the photography/video work is pretty darned good and always fits.

In this recording of the band, Count Fleet, Glass credits Jonathan O'Brien at Red Rockets Glare in Los Angeles for the recording. It was xixed by Raymond Richards and filmed by Scott Oshiro and Dave Smallen


Count Fleet - Favorite Fiction

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Ruby Jane

The young teen songwriter, performer and recording artist, Ruby Smith has this great little Americana sound. Fiddles, slide guitar and her voice merge bluesy country and bluegrass. Sometimes feel like Ruby Jane is playing in a similar vein with CocoRosie.

Ruby Jane - "Holdin' Your Hand" (written by her papa, Perrin Smith)

Ruby Jane - Pitter Patter

Ruby Jane - Performs National Anthem on Fiddle at Ballgame

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Rafter - No Fucking Around

Here is a indie artist with a killer song and a great video. gc

Rafter - No Fucking Around

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DIRECTOR: Matt Wells
STARRING: Drew Baker, Brandon Alec Davis, Ivan Quijano, Jeremy Arreaga, Landen Starkman, Jonas Garvin, Christine Robert, Mary Frances Howard
CASTING: Melanie Burgess
EDITOR: Matt Wells

Sandhy Sondoro - Indo Citizen of the World

In 2007, first heard this wonderful Indonesian artist Sandhy Sondoro from Jakarta. He has a soulful edge that grabbed me the moment I heard it. He has bits of Joe Cocker, Michael McDonald and John Mellencamp inside of him. But, Sandhy is all original.

I like the way Sandhy sits down on the stool and delivers this kind of sweet sound. Super positive vibes and energy flow out of this guy. Enjoy! GC

Sandhy Sondoro - Superstar

Sandhy Sondoro - Why Don't We

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The Samples

The Samples is a band of real musicians with way cool songs that groove. None of the recordings sound "produced". Every song is low-fi or no-fi. But there is a quality of authenticity and consistency that is special.

The Samples - When It's Raining

This video is contains audio from underproduced concert footage from 1988 - but through the low fi recording is a great band that jams hard.

The two songs below reminds me of a burrito rolled up with some Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Paul Simon and The Police mixed in. But it's all original. These guys jam their tails off.
(audio on next two videos not so hot of a signal - please turn up volume to capture it)

The Samples - Summertime" (LIVE at Mile High Music Festival - Commerce City, Colorado 8/14/10)

The Samples - Did You Ever Look So Nice (LIVE at Mile High Music Festival 8/14/10)

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Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack" - Film to the song Sail by AWOLNATION

Jeb Corliss, Grinding The Crack, Awolnation song Sail, The-Indies, The-Indies-Network

This is one of those indie spirits, Jeb Corliss, also known as the Flying Man. He is a daredevil who wears a flying squirrel suit and jumps off big cliffs and out of planes and eventually ends up back on land. Corliss stars in this fantastic thrilling video entitled Grinding The Crack, set to the AWOLNATION song entitled Sail. Enjoy! GC

Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack" - Film to the song Sail by AWOLNATION

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