Gaby Moreno w/ Ricardo Arjona - Fuiste tú

Gaby became one of our favorite indie artists out there, since the moment we noticed her in 2006. and we've come to admire her greatly since then. She has the right attitude in how she has worked to get her music out there, play lots of shows... she has a consistent vibe, very relaxed. She has integrity. Always making something, working on new songs, playing with new people, traveling to far away places to perform and tour... WOW... She is destined for superstardom on this path she is on, but superstardom isn't necessarily her trip. She is just a lover of blues music, tranquility style life with a solid work to live rather than a live to work ethic. Things like this are not always what they appear to be, but that's the feeling you'll get from Gaby Moreno. Her Peace of Mind radiates. That's why Gaby Moreno is destined for so much more success than she has already achieved in creating a self-sustaining working band and music career as a recording artist, songwriter for other artists, with several film & TV credits on the music side, collaborating with many and working as a touring artist.

Here is just one more collaborations of Gaby's.

Gaby Moreno on record of Guatemalan recording artist Ricardo Arjona performing Fuiste tú

Hear songs from Gaby's  live performances in Paris:

Hear Gaby perform three of her originals from her album titled Illustrated Songs, stripped raw (acoustic):

Hear a live version of Gaby performing Little Sorrow:

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com,,, and on

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