The Samples

The Samples is a band of real musicians with way cool songs that groove. None of the recordings sound "produced". Every song is low-fi or no-fi. But there is a quality of authenticity and consistency that is special.

The Samples - When It's Raining

This video is contains audio from underproduced concert footage from 1988 - but through the low fi recording is a great band that jams hard.

The two songs below reminds me of a burrito rolled up with some Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Paul Simon and The Police mixed in. But it's all original. These guys jam their tails off.
(audio on next two videos not so hot of a signal - please turn up volume to capture it)

The Samples - Summertime" (LIVE at Mile High Music Festival - Commerce City, Colorado 8/14/10)

The Samples - Did You Ever Look So Nice (LIVE at Mile High Music Festival 8/14/10)

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