14 Year Old Guitarist Tina S of France - Cover of Van Halen's Eruption

Out of France, here is a girl named Tina S. performing Eruption, originally performed by Eddie Van Halen.  This was made when she was 14 years old.  She is pretty darned good! GC

When she was about 10...

Tina S. performs Andante - Originally by Ferdinando Carulli

Tina S. performs Norwegian Wood looking like she was even younger...

Connect direct with Tina S at YouTube.com/user/malabar777, at Twitter.com/Tina_S__ and at Facebook.com/pages/Tina-S/181555232026760


Zoe Keating

A short film of cellist Zoe Keating filmed for "A Take Away Show", which is a series of live music performances filmed in random locations by indie director Vincent Moon. Usually shot in France, this particular installment of A Take Away Show was shot of Zoe Keating playing her cello in the middle of San Francisco International Airport.

Connect direct with Zoe Keating at ZoeKeating.com