Cree Summer

One of those great timeless songs that never really got heard, yet, by one of those extraordinary talents who is still a little bit too obscure. Cree Summer is badass. This video is more than a video.... it's work of art. Enjoy! GC

Cree Summer - Savior Self

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Radio Radio - Guess What?

The Indies presents the music of Radio Radio

They sing and rap in French and English. At first I assumed that this act off the Bonsound imprint called Radio Radio was out of Europe, but it turns out they are Canadian.

The beat at the beginning of this first track, below, bored me from the get go and I just about clicked to another song. But then the lyrics start: "She makes more money than me, she drives a better car than me... I eye ... just wanna cry eye". This song made me laugh many times and served as long overdue morning laugh therapy. As I heard more of this unique and interesting project, the music really grew on me. And so did the seriously excellent film making. Enjoy. GC

Radio Radio - Guess What?

The above video, Guess What?, was directed by the talented director of photography, Jonathan Bensimon. It was produced by Cherie Sinclair/Sarah Siddons/The Field. The colorist/SR. Flame was Daniel J. Kelly and JR. Flame was Nicolas Pellicelli. The Editor was Geoff Ashenhurst. Post Production by Motor/Flame Artist with Post Producer Catherine St-Hilaire.

This next track is strange... Feels like some sort of suspended reality, like being put to sleep on drugs in the hospital. The video is strange... Strange is good. I like it.

Radio Radio: Galope

The above video, Galope, was directed by Arnaud Brisebois. The Producer was Josh Usheroff of Black Box Productions Ltd. The Cinematographer was Jonathan Decoste. 1st Assistant director was Aurélie Bernos. Art director was Gregory Nowak. The stylist was Sydney Krause. Make up was Amélie Bruneau Longpré. The hair stylist was Martin Alarie. The editor was Elisabeth Olga Tremblay. Post-production by Mokko Studio. The colorist was Thomas Halle. Great work to all!

Here is another track that made me realize that Radio Radio takes their music videos seriously through excellent cinematography.

Radio Radio - Dekshoo (Penny Loafer)

Dekshoo was Directed by Jérémie Saindon, produced by Sach Baylin-Stern, Antler Films, Dir of Photography (DP) Christophe Colette, Dir of Prod. Josh Usheroff, Fashion Dang Trinh, Editor Sébastien Delporte, Make up: Jennifer Dionne
Post Production: Vision Globale

This next video is far out and the track itself is great, even though I have no idea what they are saying in French, yet. I'm digging the groove and the flow of the rap.

Radio Radio - Cargué dans ma chaise

The above video was directed by Gabriel Allard Gagnon and the director of photography was Iouri Philippe Paillé. The artistic director was Stéphanie L'Allier. Editing and post production by David Valiquette with graphic design by Noémie Darveau Gabriel Allard. Mettant en vedette le shaman Tiburcio Kan May. Production by Ménaïc Raoul. Executive producer was David Valiquette and director of production was Dominique Duneton of Yucatan Productions.

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The photo by Mamoru Kobayakawa atop the page is Radio Radio on the cover of Voir journal.

The Mowgli's

When thinking of San Francisco, some think of Bill Graham days, or modern day things like the band Train which emerged from there. Now there is The Mowgli's with their song titled San Francisco. Thanks to Ryan for the tip.... can't remember Ryan's last name... darned beerzheimers.

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The artist out of Spain known as Bigott might know how to push some people's buttons with song titles like "God Is Gay" and songs like Cannibal Dinner, espcially after the lunatic man ate off the face of the homeless man in Miami, Florida.

Bigott - God is Gay

Bigott - Cannibal Dinner

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Democracy Now! - The Ultimate Indie

Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

As I listen to Democracy Now! I am always amazed by their real organic depth. Run out of a old historic firehouse in New York City, this hard hitting real news show connects with sources and voices on the ground, around the world including some of the hottest burning war zones in the world. And, on the streets of their own neighborhood, they devoted much time today to the problem of stop & frisk stops in New York. Even if you don't live in New York, one realizes that America is a place where racial profiling not only exists, but is the norm where the Mayor thinks it's something to be proud of. Are we really free under these conditions? Should we, the people, tolerate such a police state? Democracy Now! thinks not and it fights the fight through exposing voices of reason and action.

They spent a big part of today covering the so called "War on Drugs" with a long speech by a activist that broke down the realities of what the "war on drugs" really is and how it's tied to mass incarceration and the prison business, which became a growth industry.

If you believe in real freedom, true peace, equality and justice for the downtrodden, you'll love watching or listening to Democracy Now!

In my particular case, I admire and cherish Democracy Now! for it's pro peace, anti-police state stance. Sure, they lean in a certain direction when they dig for sources, the opposite direction of the mainstream media, but they dig for the truth and I consider them to be trustworthy on these issues.

On certain issues, such as immigration, Democracy Now! stands solid with those who are considered "illegal" by many. And so I may not lean with the way Democracy Now! leans on issues such as illegal immigration, however, they share voices of real people who are victims. And, when I consider how flawed U.S. Government policy is in terms of actually protecting our boarders, vs. policing boarders of countries in far away lands, instead of focusing on our's here at home, I must say, hearing the other side that Democracy Now! has become a valuable tool in evaluating the side of the news that is rarely, if ever reported.

Democracy Now! airs Monday - Friday at 9AM Eastern Time/6AM Pacific Time and is posted online shortly afterward and all shows are archived and easy to view, going back years. To find a TV or radio station that airs Democracy Now! or to view the daily one hour stream and archives, visit DemocracyNow.Org

Some more from Ruby Jane

Some more from the young authentic Americana artist with that "it" thing.: Ruby Jane (aka Ruby Jane Smith)

Ruby Jane - This Song

Ruby Jane - Summertime

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