Radio Radio - Guess What?

The Indies presents the music of Radio Radio

They sing and rap in French and English. At first I assumed that this act off the Bonsound imprint called Radio Radio was out of Europe, but it turns out they are Canadian.

The beat at the beginning of this first track, below, bored me from the get go and I just about clicked to another song. But then the lyrics start: "She makes more money than me, she drives a better car than me... I eye ... just wanna cry eye". This song made me laugh many times and served as long overdue morning laugh therapy. As I heard more of this unique and interesting project, the music really grew on me. And so did the seriously excellent film making.

Radio Radio - Guess What?

The above video, Guess What?, was directed by the talented director of photography, Jonathan Bensimon. It was produced by Cherie Sinclair/Sarah Siddons/The Field. The colorist/SR. Flame was Daniel J. Kelly and JR. Flame was Nicolas Pellicelli. The Editor was Geoff Ashenhurst. Post Production by Motor/Flame Artist with Post Producer Catherine St-Hilaire.

This next track is strange... Feels like some sort of suspended reality, like being put to sleep on drugs in the hospital. The video is strange... Strange is good. I like it.

Radio Radio: Galope

The above video, Galope, was directed by Arnaud Brisebois. The Producer was Josh Usheroff of Black Box Productions Ltd. The Cinematographer was Jonathan Decoste. 1st Assistant director was Aurélie Bernos. Art director was Gregory Nowak. The stylist was Sydney Krause. Make up was Amélie Bruneau Longpré. The hair stylist was Martin Alarie. The editor was Elisabeth Olga Tremblay. Post-production by Mokko Studio. The colorist was Thomas Halle. Great work to all!

Here is another track that made me realize that Radio Radio takes their music videos seriously through excellent cinematography.

Radio Radio - Dekshoo (Penny Loafer)

Dekshoo was Directed by Jérémie Saindon, produced by Sach Baylin-Stern, Antler Films, Dir of Photography (DP) Christophe Colette, Dir of Prod. Josh Usheroff, Fashion Dang Trinh, Editor Sébastien Delporte, Make up: Jennifer Dionne
Post Production: Vision Globale

This next video is far out and the track itself is great, even though I have no idea what they are saying in French, yet. I'm digging the groove and the flow of the rap.

Radio Radio - Cargué dans ma chaise

The above video was directed by Gabriel Allard Gagnon and the director of photography was Iouri Philippe Paillé. The artistic director was Stéphanie L'Allier. Editing and post production by David Valiquette with graphic design by Noémie Darveau Gabriel Allard. Mettant en vedette le shaman Tiburcio Kan May. Production by Ménaïc Raoul. Executive producer was David Valiquette and director of production was Dominique Duneton of Yucatan Productions.

Connect direct with Radio Radio at LaRadioRadio.Com

The photo by Mamoru Kobayakawa atop the page is Radio Radio on the cover of Voir journal.

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