The Indies presents Population:7 and music videos from their album titled Fiero

Here is a very tasty band named Population:7 that refers to itself as "100% DIY UK Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul". Below are two videos from their latest album titled Fiero.

The first video is to their song titled Blindspot. The video was filmed & edited by Ollie Ridley.

Population:7 - Blindspot

Next is the first single from the Fiero album, which was produced on a grand budget of £0.

Population:7 - PAX6 & FOXP2

Connect direct with Population:7 at Facebook.com/population7, Twitter.com/P7_Population7, Instagram.com/population7, Soundcloud.com/population-7 and at population7.bandcamp.com

Private Party - Gloom

The Indies presents Private Party and their music video for their track titled Gloom

Private Party is a rap act that consists of two guys who have known each other since the fourth grade. They figured out, when they were young, that music was everything that mattered. They finally packed their bags for Los Angeles, California, to pursue their desire to make records. Their rap in the track below is about the difficulties of pursuing such dreams, the harshness things like fake friends who talk badly behind one's back and takers who don't want to give back. Those are human traits that are all too common in the world, but the idea is to leave the negative forces behind and stick to the plan.

The video was directed by Shoots Blayr, shot by Chyeahhh and produced by Goldy.

Private Party - Gloom

Connect direct with Private Party at Soundcloud.com/privatepartymusic, Twitter.com/PrivteParty and at Instagram.com/privatepartymusic/