Filmmaker Sarah Holbrook - The Civil Wars - 20 Years

Sarah Holbrook comes from a family of talented artists. Her father was a working musician when she was a single digit. She and her three sisters tagged along to gigs and eventually become working musicians themselves and have their all sister band named SHEL made up of Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza.

SHEL, Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza
SHEL Is (left to right) Liza (Percussion + Vox) Sarah (Violin + Vox) Eva (Mandolin + Vox) Hannah (Keys + Vox)
Sarah also is an accomplished director. She went to school for videographer before she dropped out of school to be in SHEL full time, but that has not stopped her passion for being a director of photography. She just finished this video submission for a group known as The Civil Wars, which invited all film makers to make their own video to their song. Her sister Hannah, the pianist in SHEL, is featured in this video.

Director - Sarah Holbrook
Band - The Civil Wars
Song: 20 Years

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Lianne La Havas - Lost And Found - (Live at BBC 6 - 10th Anniversary)

The music of Lianne La Havas is pure and simply wonderful on every level. GC

Lianne La Havas - Full Concert Performance for BBC 6 - 10th Anniversary

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Congratulations Susan Calloway

Susan Calloway is one of those artists with that "it" thing just sitting on the piano stool with no pomp or circumstance.

She just played the London, England concert venue, Royal Alpert Hall tonight, on Friday November 2, 2012. Congratulations Susan! GC

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