TheIndies.Com presents the soul songs of Roxy5000

Here is a fiercely independent act that deserves support. It's front man is a hard working artist who has been honing his craft and keeping his dues current for a long time. His name is Roxy Prince. He calls his act Roxy5000. Roxy has a diverse and stellar repertoire that we've been aware of for several years now. We especially like when he taps into his own original soulfulness that is sort of in the vein of old school Boy George/Culture Club. Hope you enjoy these handpicked tracks of Roxy that Mariana and I have picked!

Just below is a recent late 2015 recording titled Touch The Sky.

Roxy5000 - Touch The Sky

Just below is a recent 2015 recording titled Sun In My Heart

Roxy5000 - Sun In My Heart

Just below is a recent mid 2015 recording titled I'm No Better

Roxy5000 - I'm No Better

Just below is a mid 2015 recording of an original song written and immediately recorded in one take titled Love Me

Roxy Prince - Love Me

Just below is a love song from August 2012 titled Bringing Me Down

Just below is a 2011 Roxy5000 release titled Never Going Back featuring Terri Walker & Friends

Roxy5000 featuring Terri Waker & Friends - Never Going Back

Just below is Roxy5000 music video video from 2009 that deserves attention. From the page of the artist: "This is "FUNKY PEOPLE" by ROXY5000. ROXY5000'S anti-bullying/racism song! Sometimes we have to stand up and shout out loud and TELL THE HATERS "WE DON'T GIVE A S... WHAT THEY THINK "Let's stand TOGETHER and Fight for the cause and share with your friends. We are all "FUNKY PEOPLE" Positivity needs YOUR SUPPORT! SHARE IT. Big Love ROXY5000 THE BAND.X"

Roxy5000 - Funky People

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