About The Indies brand

The Indies brand was founded by Gregory J. Chamberlain on February 9, 2000, with the intent of being a showcase for independent musical artists of substance where their music meets creative independent film making, photography and/or mixed mediums.

Fast forward to today, The Indies continues on it's mission to hunt down emerging and lesser known song writers, artists & bands from all over the world who are worthy of attention. Simultaneously, The Indies continue to lean toward featuring takes of such artists that showcases creative music video directors, independent filmmakers and TV producers who reach for music to be in their productions.

Chamberlain and Mariana L. Villanueva digs through songs and music videos in a never ending hunt. Villanueva also acts as a fact checker and editor of articles while simultaneously posting to and monitoring social media for The Indies and related brands. Mariana L. Villanueva can be reached through her Facebook account. Chamberlain can be reached at this link.