Engine-EarZ Experiment - Remix of "OMG" by The Streets

TheIndies.Com presents Engine-EarZ Experiment and remix of OMG by The Streets

One of the ultimate indie bass induced, trip hop, DJ projects of the century is known as Engine EarZ Experiment. After touring the UK with The Streets on their last ever tour, Engine-EarZ Experiment was asked to remix their single titled OMG. OMG had came out a little while back,Engine-EarZ Experiment decided create a video with some photos taken at the Brixton Academy show in London. All images in the video are by Mike Massarro Enjoy! GC

OMG - The Streets - Engine-EarZ Experiment Remix

Get the free download of the above track at http://soundcloud.com/engineearz/omg-the-streets-engine-earz

Hear more tracks and download the entire album, FREE, at: http://soundcloud.com/engineearz/sets/freedownloads

Connect direct to Engine-EarZ at Engine-EarZ.co.uk, Facebook.com/engineearz and Twitter.com/engineearz

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