Saucy Monky

Saucy Monky is the name of a very tasty LA based four piece indie rock band with a big electric sound in a tight package. Saucy, as some fans refer to the group, is fronted by two adorably sexy and talented vocalists, Annmarie Cullen and Cynthia Catania, who both are solid guitarists, writers and arrangers on their own as well as together with Saucy Monky. The group has been recording a series of what they call their Living Room Sessions where they play in acoustic mode. This is their latest installment featuring their song titled "Turbulence" which was the title track of one of their past records. Enjoy! GC

Saucy Monky - Turbulence (Living Room Session)

and, next is one of their tasty songs and music video in 2006.

Saucy Monky - Disco Ball (2006)

and last but not least is their music video to their lesbian themed song titled Awkward.

Saucy Monky - Awkward + bonus Saucy Monky playlist tracks :)

Connect direct with Saucy Monky at SaucyMonky.Com