Who is Nneka?

TheIndies.Com presents Nneka and the music video for her song Africans.

Nneka might very well be the living modern day female hybrid of Fela Kuti meets Bob Marley. Her music is having a hard time gaining traction in the U.S., where Sony Music, for some reason, withheld the U.S. release of her most recent album which was due out in late September 2011. From the sidelines, Sony's failure to release it in unison with the rest of the countries seems like a bad move. Nneka deserves better.

Although Nneka is signed to a major, she most definitely personifies the indie spirit that The Indies is supposed to be about. She speaks truth to power and truth to her people. She stumps for her native Nigeria. She is from Lagos in the Niger Delta region, a place where global oil conglomerates and corrupt politicians and others have taken unfair advantage of the country and it's inhabitants. She sings of corporate and political greed at the expense of the common man. She does not name names, but the gist is always well placed. Enjoy!

Nneka - AfricansNneka - Africans

Connect direct with Nneka at NnekaWorld.Com, Facebook.Com/NnekaWorld, Instagram.com/nnekaworld and on Twitter.Com/NnekaWorld

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