Macyn Taylor - Candy Man

Macyn Taylor performing banjo and singing a cover of Taj Mahal's interpretation of Candy Man, originall written by Reverend Gary Davis

The Indies is pleased to present somethig a little bit different.

Just below is a nice one shot home video made approximately six years ago of a young musician named Macyn Taylor on her next door neighbors front porch. We like everything about it down to the back country feel of the porch and her bare feet keeping tempo. She performs the banjo with excellent picking style and sings a cover of the song titled Candy Man the way Taj Mahal released it in 1969. Enjoy!

Macyn Taylor - Candy Man

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Just below is Taj Mahal's interpretation of Candy Man for his 1969 album titled Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home, which was a unique double album in that one of the vinyl's, Giant Step is electric, while the other vinyl record, De Ole Folks at Home, is acoustic.

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The song was originally written and performed by Reverend Gary Davis as "Candyman". Davis, who was born on April 30, 1896 and died on May 5, 1972, was a gospel and blues singer who also played guitar, banjo and the harmonica. His unique picking style has influenced many other guitarists and banjo players.

Reverend Gary Davis - Candyman

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