Friday, March 23, 2012

Allen Stone - Live From His Mother's Living Room


Made a great friend in Leslie Monique Perry when we both met at an amazing Nneka show at The Troubadour in Hollywood a couple of years back. Every once in a while she writes and asks if I'd heard about some artist or group. Leslie turned me onto Allen Stone yesterday and it really made my day. Spent half of it scouring YouTube for different recordings by Stone. He grew up singing in big church choirs and in one interview he describes his early influences were Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond and Mary Mary. In all of the songs I've heard so far, he embodies the spirits of Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and has a lot of Stevie Wonder influence. This first song here is my favorite so far. And I especially love the way it was filmed. The audio and video crew on this first clip is seriously amazing. Enjoy! - Peace Love Groove, GC

Allen Stone - Unaware (live from his mother's living room)

Here is a great live performance and interview at one of the greatest indie stations on the planet, KEXP-FM. Stone performs five songs: What I've Seen at 0:38, Contact High at 3:22, Interview at 6:27, Unaware at 14:00, and Satisfaction at 20:00.

Connect direct with Allen Stone at AllenStone.Net

Connect direct with KEXP at KEXP.Org