Stella Blackrose - Rebecca Lou Armstrong (Music Videos)

The Indies presents Stella Blackrose featuring Rebecca Lou Armstrong and their hard rock songs and music videos
- Rebecca Lou Armstrong of Stella Blackrose -
Stella Blackrose is one of those names like Led Zeppelin or Jethro Tull, for there is no person known as Stella Blackrose, just a solidly badass band. From Denmark, the group is fronted by a powerful lead vocalist named Rebecca Lou Armstrong.

I first wrote about the band several years back when they had self recorded some excellent raw tracks in their rehearsal studio with something like two mics. I loved those tracks very much because the pure intensity shined through the basic recordings in a way that I just knew this band has some powerful mojo.

The band searched for and found a producer, but in my opinion, ended up with some over produced tracks that lost that edge compared to when they were making recordings on their own. Oh well, it's happened to the best of 'em.

The songs and music videos below are fantastic, but happen to be part of the overly produced/slick batch of recordings referenced above. My gut is it would be great if the band re-released their basement tapes and strove to make other more raw recordings like them. The pure raw intensity of the group shined bright on those early self made demos. The band has that killer sound live. Bottled lighting! A real rock band!

Stella Blackrose - My Dying Sunset

These next three tracks below are all from a more recent Stella Blackrose album titled Death & Forever.

Stella Blackrose - Morphine

Stella Blackrose - My Sanctuary

Stella Blackrose - Feathers

*Update on Stella Blackrose - As of 2017, the band has gone separate directions and their former website is inactive. However, Rebecca Lou Armstrong is working on some solo material and The Indies has her featured at

The Indies music video of Stella Blackrose featuring Rebecca Lou hard rock
Stella Blackrose
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