LiVKi - Dark Blonde Rises & Tel Aviv (Music Videos)

TheIndies.Com presents Olivia Anna Livki - The-Indies

Off of the Silver Scream Records imprint is a interesting female bassist, composer, and singer named Olivia Anna Livki who also is known as LiVKi. She was born in Poland and raised in the Black Forest of Germany.

This first song below titled Dark Blonde Rises, is sort of an anthem song. The second song below which might be my fave, is titled Tel Aviv, hints at David Byrne and the Talking Heads meets Frank Zappa with Moon Unit. Instead, it's a cool girl with a bass.

LiVKi - Dark Blonde Rises

LiVKi - Tel Aviv

Connect direct with Olivia Anna Livki at OliviaAnnaLivki.Com