Nina Miranda - The Cage and The Garden. (1970 mix)

The-Indies presents Nina Miranda and the music video to her song titled The Cage and The Garden

From one of our favorite indie record labels, Six Degrees Records, The Indies is proud to present the unique Nina Miranda and her latest music video to a remix of her song titled The Cage from her debut solo album titled Freedom Of Movement. This remix that the video was shot to is titled The Cage and The Garden (1970 mix).

In her own words, Nina Miranda describes herself:
I am an anglo-brazilian singer and song-writer, artist, designer, artistic collaborator, sometimes film-maker.
I like to make people happy, and to make them laugh, to soothe and to inspire them.
My new album and my first solo album FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT has just come out to great critical acclaim and been received with love and cheers from my friends and peers and people across musical stratospheres and continents; YEY!
I was lead-singer of several successful bands, including; Smoke City, Zeep, Shrift and Arkestra 1 and Da Lata.
I have collaborated with many artists including; Nitin Sawhney, Bebel Gilberto, Baaba Maal, Emma Bunton, Jah Wobble, Moreno Veloso, Kassin and Domenico Lancellotti +2, Nação Zumbi, Treis na Massa, Chico Cesar, Lula Queiroga, Adriana Calcanhotto, Daniel Jobim, Danilo Caymmi, Seu jorge, GillesPeterson, Lucas Santtana, Prince Fatty, Monkey Mayjham, Josiel Konrad, Laurent Voulzy, Populous, and many more.. I like to keep it WORLDWiDE ! maximum love!
She wrote the following to describe the video below which is one of four mixes based on the original song titled The Cage from her album titled Freedom of Movement.
Thank you to all the contributos to making this music and film.
It all started from an epiphany with 'Meatloaf' on the road, singing down to me, kindly from a cloud, when I was feeling shit.
But just look where it lead me, and who it introduced me to along the way, out of piss-puddles soar rainbows!
Nina Miranda - The Cage and The Garden. (1970 mix)

Connect direct with Nina Miranda at NinaMiranda.Com,, Instagram.Com/NinaMirandaOfficial and

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Hear the original studio version of The Cage here:

Hear the audio of the four mixes to The Cage here:

Production Credits and Thank You's from Nina Miranda for 
The Cage and The Garden - (1970 mix)
Recorded in Rio at Audio Rebel, In London at home and Vanguard Studios, with a cast of top musicians!!
Written by Nina Miranda with Kassin and Domenico Lancellotti joining in and adding so much at the recording stage.
Arranged and produced by Nina Miranda with additional production Kassin and Max Grunhard.
Horn arrangements by Max Grunhard.
Kassin- bass and guitars, Domenico Lancelotti on drums, bv's, Nina Miranda lead and backing vocals
Anselmo Netto, percussion and bandolin, Max Grunhard sax, Scott Baylis trumpet and keys, Tony Trombony- trombone, Ben Hawden flute, Chico Cesar- vocals , Jaelee Small- bv's, Peu Meurray- tyre drum, percussion bv's, Jansen Santana- percussion and bv's, Alix McAlister- violin,
Mixed By Gareth Finnegan at Studio Llama, London.

Directed and Produced by Tiago Di Mauro & Nina Miranda, Extra Artistic direction and ideas Peu Meurray and Radek Anais Laro. Camera and director of photography Marek Miska. Editing by Julian Bowman & Nina Miranda. Styling and Cage by Radek Anais Laró. Nina's Body suit by Alexander McQueen.
Production and camera assistance Chris Amarall, Make-Up Ala Pangracova.
Actors Dancers , creatives and production assistants; Peu Meurray , Thais Mennsiteiri, Manuela Benini, Carolina Nunes, Maria Santos, Sebastian Miski, Radek Anais Laró, Chris Amarall, Carsten Garbode, Purnima Lilian Cordeiro e Fabiano Modolo (bigode). Obrigada queridos, talentosos Desgaiolados, thank you Warm Collective for sharing your art experience and friendship to make this happen.
Special Thanks; Tiago for the Originality, belief, generosity and dedication! Obrigada Mill a Tiago por me colocar num novo contexto, me incentivar a fazer esse videoclip, juntando esse equipe nota mill. Thank you dear Radek for all your ideas in this video and for making me my sculptural cage and my water body, and dressing all the other performers in garments with which to paint a picture. Thank you Peu Meurray por estar presente nessa obra e fazer o video ter uma amplitude tão maior por ter o protagonista com o ritmo de Salvador Bahia, e da Africa, e seu pneu tambor recyclado que simboliza um futuro mais consciente andando para frente... Obrigada a todos do começo até o fim. LOVE! x x x Nina

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