SHEL - You Could Be My Baby (Music Video)

SHEL music video of song You Could Be My Baby on The-Indies

The-Indies is proud to once again feature the gifted act known as SHEL, which is an acronym for Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza. They are four sisters who as kids had a father who was a working musician. They each picked up their own skills along the way of being around their father and together as a sister group, they are stellar organic and rare.

This song featued in the music video below was initially released in 2015, but if you turn it up and capture all the subtle nuance while watching the video, you may too determine that this song and music is destined for a forever classic status. The song is titled You Could Be My Baby from the groups album titled Just Crazy Enough.

SHEL - You Could Be My Baby (Music Video)

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