Swindle & Kojey Radical - Coming Home (Music Video)

The Indies music video by Swindle for his song titled Coming Home, featuring Kojey Radical.

The Indies is pleased to present the British talent of Brownswood Recordings recording artist Swindle and the music video for his song titled Coming Home, featuring Kojey Radical. The song is track #5 from Swindle's eleven song album titled No More Normal. Additional talent on the song include the brass band known as Riot Jazz, guitarist Mansur Brown and a lovely string section.

Please click play on the video below, pick the high-resolution & fullscreen options and kick back. At the conclusion of this music video, hours of handpicked music videos will automatically continue playing. Please use the skip forward or rewind buttons when needed, or, back out and choose a new song to begin with.

Swindle & Kojey Radical - Coming Home

Connect direct with Swindle at nomorenormal.world, Twitter.com/swindle, Instagram.com/swindleuk, Spotify and Facebook.com/swindleuk

Connect diret with Kojey Radical at Twitter.com/KojeyRadical, Instagram.com/kojeyradical, Soundcloud.com/kojeyradical and Facebook.com/kojradical

Connect direct with Riot Jazz at riotjazz.com, Twitter.com/riotjazz, Soundcloud.com/riot-jazz, riotjazz.bandcamp.com, Instagram.com/riotjazz and Facebook.com/riotjazzrepublic

Connect direct with Mansur Brown at Twitter.com/mansurmusic, mansurbrown.bandcamp.com, Spotify and Facebook.com/MansurBrown

Connect direct with Brownswood Recordings at brownswoodrecordings.com, Twitter.com/brownswood, Soundcloud.com/brownswood, Instagram.com/brownswood and Facebook.com/brownswood

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