Clairmont The Second - 2 Rich 4 Me

TheIndies.Com is proud to present Clairmont The Second and the music video to his cool funky jazzy soul track titled 2 Rich 4 Me

The Indies research team uncovered a multi faceted talent out of Toronto, Canada, known as Clairmont The Second.

The music video below is to his cool, jazzy, soulful, R&B song titled 2 Rich 4 Me which is off his album titled Lil Mont from The Ave.

Clairmont The Second produced, directed and acted in the music video and he wrote, sang and performed the instrumentation on this song with the exception of extra horns and co-cinematography by Aysha Brown, who also acted in the video and shot the photo of Clairmont The Second featured at the top of this post.

Clairmont The Second - 2 Rich 4 Me

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