Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War (Six Days remix by DJ Shadow)

Music Video for Six Days by DJ Shadow, inspired by Six Day War by Colonel Bagshot

In 2002, a now legendary showman/artist known as DJ Shadow did his own production or remix of Colonel Bagshot's Six Day War and introduced it the song to a whole new legion of listeners. A music-video/short-film directed by Wong Kar-wai was made to go with the remix.

DJ Shadow - Six Days (Music Video - Soulwax Remix - 3 minutes 43 second length)

Colonel Bagshot, originally called 'Colonel Bagshot's Incredible Bucket Band", was formed in the late 1960's as a six piece from Liverpool, eventually becoming a four piece. They released singles and an album in the early 1970's.

Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War

DJ Shadow - Original audio remix of Six Days (5 minutes 2 second length)

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