Gaby Moreno - On Treble Clef Live

One of my most favorite true indie artists in the world, Gaby Moreno. Enjoy! GC

and... Gaby Moreno does a cover song titled The Immigrants originally by David Rudder

Connect direct with Gaby Moreno at Gaby-Moreno.Com,,, and on


***Gaby Moreno update: Since this post was originally posted in January of 2012, Gaby has transcended beyond "indie" status when she was signed to Metamorfosis‎ Records in March of 2012. In November, 2013, Gaby won the Latin Grammy in the category for Best New Artist, something The Indies & Family had proclaimed several times prior to that as far back as 2006 :)

Enjoy these additional Gaby Moreno performances, filmed live with excellence:

Gaby Moreno performing live in Paris

Gaby Moreno performs a live take of Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Gaby Moreno plays songs from her Illustrated Songs album, live.

See the video to a song from Gaby's 2014 Christmas Album:

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